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for Almost the End of All Things

4/12/2011 c1 78Aleine Skyfire
This was lovely! It truly was!

Holmes's emotions, Lestrade's reactions, Watson's loyalty... I could probably review each paragraph of this story and say what I like about it and how much I love it. *sighs happily*


"Holmes deferring to my wishes. Someone mark this day on the calendar. I don't believe it will ever happen again." I meet his eyes and see the humor sparkling there. "Of course it's what I want, Holmes. Besides, if you move out, who will wait on me hand and foot while I convalesce?"

...Ha-ha, LOVE it. Dear Watson and his pawky humor!

Am subscribing to you in the hopes that you'll do more lovely work in the future. Five stars, and favoriting all the way...
12/11/2010 c1 28BookwormExtraordinary
It's awesome! You totally got the character of Holmes if he had undergone such a trial. And Watson just forgiving him, as he always does. :-) I love it!

12/6/2010 c1 82mrspencil

Thank you for getting the duo out of that horrible situation, and it is great to see you writing:) There has to have been a back story to this which convinced Holmes the threat was real for him to act as he did. Transfusion would have been very risky but not totally unreasonable to include it. I like the yarders' reaction here too. And I am sure Watson would not let a little thing, like Holmes shooting him, get in the way of their partnership. Thank you

Mrs P:)

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