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for In the life of a Maniac

12/16/2010 c1 16Akizakura202
Heya! Sorry it took me awhile to get around to reading this. I've had some issues with procrastination, particularly in regard to getting on the computer XD Probably a part of why I haven't updated in awhile...

Anyway, surprise surprise! One of the more random fics I've read... In my opinion, maybe a little too random, but I'm sure there are plenty of people that will find it humorous and love it ^^ Don't have much more to say, sadly... When more comes about, I think there'll be more to say... I prefer BiT though, definitely XD I am the type that gravitates more to the serious type of story with humor as opposed to crackfic, however, so I suppose I don't really fit your demographic.

Any-who, overall goodwork :D
12/8/2010 c1 Endless Requiem
Sweet,I'm the first to review.Now that that's over with decent story needs some work but looks like it's going to be a great story.

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