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4/24/2012 c3 2Thenidiel
Great story!
10/6/2011 c3 The Darkest wizard
This is a good chapter! Please update soon!
1/1/2011 c3 5Rainbowsaresad
Ohemgee! I Love this. :D It;s Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.

I love how you have described the characters, I can see them being like that.
12/12/2010 c3 7BittersweetWhispers1
Hilarious. XD

And oh so very vulgar. It was entirely appropriate.
12/10/2010 c1 Annabelle
This is really good. It adds a little background to some more minor characters within the series.

For further writing, you may be interested in this site:

www . sapientimagic . com

It's a role playing site based on the Harry Potter world.

Either way, good luck with your writing and I look forward to reading more.

Annabelle Morrow, SUM student
12/9/2010 c2 BittersweetWhispers1
Was there always a second chapter to this? I don't know why I didn't notice before...

Wow. The dynamics here are really interesting. The way they play off of each other and consider each other, too, is clever and adds an extra layer. Relationships are never quite simply black and white - they tend to have exchanges of power and challenges and you can see that clearly here. It's interesting that Scabior is considering the future and doesn't want to have rape added to his list of crimes. Also, because it's never confirmed what actually happens to the Muggle-borns they turn into the Ministry in the book. Are they killed? Locked up?

I also like how you give him just a touch of humanity without making him a bleeding heart. It rounds out his character and hints at what's going on in his head, while maintaining that edge that makes him interesting.
12/8/2010 c1 BittersweetWhispers1
Cute! I liked the little insights to each character and bits of backstory. Also, it was interesting to see that you've included Griffin both in his past and present. The fact that they've known each other so long, and are apparently matched in depravity, is sort of a disturbing thought.
12/8/2010 c1 SicklySweetNanny
Oh wow. I love it.

I love that there was some depth and backstory given to every Snatcher, not so much that you'd get bored reading it but little enough that you're still curious.

Scabior is down to a tee, and (me being a fan of Scabior/Greyback rivalry) I adored the way you incorporated that in there. Greyback's description as "That family member you have to invite to Christmas lunch though nobody really wants him there" was just spot on. Tiz the lulz. :')

Brilliant job all around. I love the family dynamic of the Snatchers in the movie and fics about it (particularly well written ones like your own) just make me smile :]

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