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1/12/2022 c14 12broken5pieces
You know what's weird? I honestly think the Captain likes Rapunzel lol and he's kinda jealous of Flynn. He doesn't seem too evil, just a guy who's made a lot of mistakes and is a complete ass. He's very human though and I don't entirely hate him. So wow. You've managed to do what most authors can't. Make the bad guy look completely human and in character. Thank you so much for writing!
1/11/2022 c10 Guest
I love this fic. Also... is this Wesley Lord dude his biological father or what?
1/11/2022 c9 Guest
I died when I read that the drawings had Pascal in it ahhhh
1/11/2022 c8 Guest
I- your author note killed me. Like I actually died and I'm in the afterlife now, typing this.
1/11/2022 c5 Guest
How could you make me laugh and then start full on sobbing the next second?
12/15/2021 c7 Ima Reader
Fifth paragraph from the end, "None of us do." should be "None of us does." None is singular.
9/10/2021 c4 3StoriesMiraculous
SO innocent while being SO dirty!
6/13/2021 c37 RemoveNow
Rereading this one again. It never gets old. Thanks for the great story, and the hot sex scenes.
5/17/2021 c37 Guest
10 out of fucking 10!
4/7/2021 c30 Lizzy.grim
I'm sorry people sent you death threats, what a bunch of pricks. Great story
2/25/2021 c37 Guest
I love how you captured the characters! Eugene was just as I imagined
2/5/2021 c1 Cassidy17
This. is. So. Good. I actually loved it to the point that I am printing it in one of those online prints and commissioning an artist to make a cover. Now, proper credit would be given, AND I would never distribute it. I'm still gathering enough money to do this. This would just be for me to read, and I could find a way to mail it to you if needed. I'm trying to find a way to get in contact with you so I can do this the right way. Once again, I would never distribute it or sell it, and proper credit would be given.
1/17/2021 c37 8Laydi Tomoe
So, this is like the third time I've read this story, and I still absolutely love it. This was a really good work, the kind that you can enjoy many, many times, and it doesn't loose its charm.
12/23/2020 c2 Colette.gtr
The author note killed me
10/30/2020 c6 15Magdalenara
*incoherent words*
That. Was. Awesome.
Like, all of it. From beginning to end.

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