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4/18 c1 Ren
Re-reading as it seems I do every year at this point lol
Still one of the best written pieces of litterature Ive ever read, no joke. Also noticed you have an ao3 now, seems like they get things after fanfiction so I'm taking that as a reason to keep commenting here? Been reading your new stuff and re-reading your other works too! Outlaw hearts and Sky colored eyes are big weak spots and the new harry potter crossover has been cool! Hope you have a wonderful day!
12/19/2021 c4 14PerParallel
Ah, a series that I’m less familiar with, but one that I look forward to reading again nonetheless! And lol, a world with a phantom thief that isn’t Kaito! This is fun XD So far I don't have a lot to say about this chapter except that it’s really fun! Also, Kaito doing a heist again is great, and the mental image of Kaito and Shinichi working on their respective stuff in the same room is also kinda neat lol. And awwwww Shinichi actually helping Kaito because he knows he would like it! I loved the heist too, it was funny and charming in all the ways a KID heist usually is, and the callbacks to Nakamori made me chuckle. Good to know that Shinichi’s soccer balls are a nuisance even to someone new to them lol
12/18/2021 c3 PerParallel
The photo album that was packed for them is just so… idk, emotional? Cute? It just makes me feel warm things :,) And I didn’t remember about the translation earrings! Convenient, lol. And the two are becoming friends already! Awesome. They’ve still got a long way to go, but man seeing their relationship start to build up is just kinda cool and exciting. Ah yes, Kaito, charming each world with his own brand of magic. Nothing can compare to KID (or Kaito, for that matter)! BIG BROTHER KAITO oh that’s cute! Adgahdgssad! Also, the bats line killed me for some reason XD Man is it nice to see Ed and Al here. Been awhile since I’ve watched FMA and I’ve missed them. Anyway, this was a great chapter as well! I love what you write for each of the plots in each world, it feels like a whole new experience for people from both fandoms, you know?
12/18/2021 c2 PerParallel
Whoops, totally forgot to finish reading and reviewing every chapter like I promised, so here I am again! Also recently realized that you’re one of my favorite authors, especially when it comes to DCMK! I’ve actually read and favorited quite a few of your stories, especially on AO3! So that’s cool haha

Anyway, it’s actually really cool that you decided to have this take place after the Harry Potter canon! I never really finished reading the books or watching the movies or anything, but I still have an appreciation for the series. It’s also nice that there was a bit more of a mystery here, though at least it wasn’t fatal this time… lol. Shinichi has encountered way more murder mysteries than anyone could in a single lifetime. And it was neat to see him actually back out a bit so that the others had the chance to figure it out themselves. Also, Aome! Best dove!

Man, this fic just continues to live in my head rent-free. It’s just so cool and good and interesting! And long lol, but having it be long is like, the best perk.
11/16/2021 c16 Reikuwu
looking forward to my hero next<333
9/13/2021 c16 incursio333
Loved it and look forward to a possible update~ Thankyou for sharing!
8/24/2021 c16 Guest
I love this so much I took all of three days and stayed up til morning to read this! (Mom's going to kill me ssshhh) I didn't want to give up on it when I saw shows I'm unfamiliar with so I had to do research but it's all well and worth it! AAAHHH! Shinichi has life and death related powers! So cool! tho I thought he'd have the sword Kaito brought. Dunno. Just reminded me of his Black Knight outfit and Kaito's optimism is holding on really strong! o That'll blow at some point if he doesn't release his worries more from that poker face because no magician was ever trained for spacetime travel (KID or not) so I'm worried for him. He's such a supportive BF whenever Shinichi worries tho (and Shinichi seems to worry a whole lot, he needs the optimism I think? An exchange)! XD AND OMG MHA! I didn't expect a modern anime! Let's gooo! Hopefully it won't have MHA ships. Not that I'm against them but MHA shippers can be intense when it's not their ship. I didn't want bad reviews on this amazing story for ship reasons. Friendships maybe? Wonder what they'll tell people their "quirks" are. Or if they'll be quirkless and it'll help Izuku bond with them! That'll be interesting! You always exceed my expectations so I'm excited to know either ways! Hope you and your family stay safe and may motivation, time, and inspiration head your way to write! Have a nice day!
8/19/2021 c16 ChaoticMinds
Ahahaha, I knew as soon as the toe joint was mentioned that it was gonna be Bnha! Ahhhhhh, I'm so excitedddddd! Will Shinichi finally make some headway into learning how to use his powers there? Also, I'm really curious as to both of their reactions to the hero saturated society that bnha is. I can see them having problems from the get go with the quirk use prohibition that goes on in Japan in bnha. Cause neither of them are the type to do nothing when people are in trouble.

Anyway, I ended up swimming around in the Dcmk fandom again, and have been binge reading your stories again. You've definitely made most of my favorite Kaishin stories for this fandom. I hope you've been doing well, Author-san! :) It's definitely a scary time now, what with the pandemic and all. I hope you're safe and happy.
6/24/2021 c16 Hyunshan
Each world/chapt is so wonderful. i really like them all. thank you for sharing!
6/24/2021 c13 Hyunshan
aa i really like this chapt, i think this is my fav so far
6/4/2021 c1 Alex098
Woooow this is amazing. I don’t think I will be getting any sleep tonight . XD
5/29/2021 c16 Ren
Came back to re-read once again, been following the story since 2013 and still love it to this day. It's just as good as I rember and I love reading your new wotks as well. I've actually designed a DnD storyline that I'm play testing that was heavilly insipired by this story! Maybe one day I'll share it here for people to play :0 Hope you have a good day today!
5/6/2021 c16 msjbird
This is my favorite of your stories (although it's a close competition). I love the interesting worlds and side stories within the larger story arc. It's very well done! I look forward to reading what happens next!
4/25/2021 c16 7Kadek8785
I can't say how much I love this story. It may be a while since I last reread this fic, but I still love it nonetheless, and always waiting for the next update.

I really love how you manage to create a seamless crossover with different worlds, and still make them interconnected in a way. Each world's bring different changes for our two MCs, and it shows! Their interactions with each worlds' are perfect, and the plot each dimensions have are amazing, I often feels like I watch the shows itself, even though I only knew half of them.

Anyway, if you accept request for any world they may enter next (but you can just ignore it if you already have a plan for what kind of worlds they will visit next before they got back), can you please add in Bungou Stray Dogs?

If you don't know what it is, it is an Anime/Manga/LN that have its casts that share the same name as famous writers. In this series they have this thing called Supernatural Abilities, in which these abilities are each writers' most famous works. Now, why I want you take add in this world in your work, is because one of the cast is named after Edogawa Ranpo himself. He is an amazing detective that can deducte any cases in under a minute. He is crazily smart, although also a massive man baby. What make him even more amazing is because, despite most of the casts have abilities, he doesn't. He think he have one, but in reality he is just a normal human with inhuman intellect. He is no way humble, yet he has a kind heart.

Since he is part of a infamous Detective Agency, I want to see Shinichi interacting with him and also the other Agency's members. It will be funny, if when they first meet, Ranpo doesn't say anything about them being weird. But just as they about to use the stone, he offhandedly mention about taking care of themselves in the next world, and how he already know they are not from that world since the very beginning, he just never bother to tell anything because he thought it will be more fun seeing the others confused faces.

Anyway, that's all from me. Once again I want to tell you how much I adore this fic and can't wait to read more of it. Thank you and have a nice day.
4/25/2021 c15 DiaSphere
And here I am rereading your story againxD I just can't help it! I come back to this fic at least two or three times a year. It is one of my favourite Kaishin fanfics, since I am also a huge Tsubasa fan! I am still looking forward to the bnha chapter, I hope Eraserhead plays a huge role, he is my favourite!
I know it has been a while but I saw that you are still writing Kaishin fanfics so I believe at some point we will see an update on this story, I know that it can take quite some time with writers block and you are doing a really difficult story telling.
If you take a world suggestion Persona 5 would be nice! They would not be so out of place there and its about phantom thievesxD Shinichis persona could be Holmes. Arsene is already taken, so I don't know what Kaitos persona could be. I think it would be really interesting if they have to face themselves like in Persona 4, because rebellion isn't really the problemxD It would be also great to see Shinichis viewpoint on heart changing.
Sorry I just babbled on.
Just know that you have readers appreciating your work and who are looking forward to a continuation!
Stay healthy!
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