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2/20/2012 c1 15Superfan44
Can you please continue this story.
2/19/2012 c2 Superfan44
This is really good, please don't stop here. Continue please.
4/10/2011 c2 1Timon64
I'm really liking this story of yours! =)

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Update Soon!
2/2/2011 c2 Protector of men
Well this should be interesting.
2/2/2011 c2 24eltigre221
looks like Kitty meets Kool Kat XD and Snaptrap now had a girlfriend of his own XD hehe awesome update Aeon, can't wait for more, and have fun writing :D till the next chapter, later :D
2/1/2011 c2 20Mr. Average
Good chapter. Looks like Kitty may just have a Happy Valentines Day. Keep up the good work. Peace
1/6/2011 c1 Mr. Average
Good start. Valentines Day can be pretty annoying if you're single cause you have no real reason to celebrate. Anyway, keep up the good work. Peace
12/11/2010 c1 24eltigre221
aww poor Kitty :( hope the day will get better for her :)

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