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for Gundam Seed Destiny: Dimensional Help

7/2/2022 c18 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I enjoyed reading this chapter but I once again can’t help but feel there could have been more before it ended with how everything before seemed to have more to it some how. It might just be because I didn’t want the story to end though.

Now I’m just wondering what you might have planned for later since they can go back and forth to visit everyone when they chose to. If there is anything more planned that is.
4/25/2016 c18 Rydan fall
They are a bit blood hungry, ooc for Kira, I guess.
But maybe that jumoing made him grow up?

Bit suprised you did not use the Diva and AGE Builder from Gundam Age or the stuff from Gundam 00.

A few chapters back you had it about the saviour being a upgraded aegis, that is wrong.
It is clearly a downgraded justice.
A upgraded aegis is the ZGMF-X11A Regenerate.

The impulse comes from the ZGMF-X11A Regenerate and the ZGMF-X12A Testament.
Yeah, the modularity of the Regenerate and the ZAFT Testament version of the Strike and Striker pack system.

Gundam Seed Stargazer.
The Stargazer has a nice drive ring, I wonder what happens if you mount a GN-drive cone on the Stargazer.

On that compare the Astray, Astraea, Exia and the G-self.
One Gundam 00 ship design they might like?
The CBS-68 Euclides, it is a space construction ship, it only needs a couple of AGE Builders to truely become usefull.
GN-drive-Tau can be very handy for mobile suits with a reactor on board, already.
On that, the Gundam Wing mobile suits all run on Fusion Reactors, not Nuclear ones like the Freedom or Strike Freedom do.
Refit of the plans?

On that, the core unit (backpack) of the ZGMF-X11A Regenerate, equipt with the load-out of the GAT-X252 Forbidden (shields can be so handy), docked to the ZGMF-X10A Freedom, would let you counter the ZGMF-X13A Providence quite easily.

The worse weapon combo is ironically straight out of the original G-weapons.
The Blits, modified with the Strike it's striker pack system and equiot with the Perfect Pack, thus forming the Perfect Strike Blitz.
No warning besides being blasted to pieces or cut apart.

As for the emblems, they can visit the other two dimensions, but they lack the one of their own dimension, so they can not return to it at all.

No Star Trek?
It would work quite well when combined with Star Wars technology.
The problem of most Seed ships, every hangar bay has at max only room for eigth mobile suits.
Like the Archangel, Dominion, Kusanagi, Eternal, ect, ect.
If you look at the Diva from Gundam Age or the Troy Horse and Grey Phantom(?) from Gundam 0083, you can see how a longer launch bay leg structure could give the Archangel three bays with eigth MS storage racks in them, giving a total of 24 MS storage racks.
That would let you fill one bay with all the EA first eight G-weapons (even if four where stolen), one bay with ZAFT's nuclear ones from the first war, plus the Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice.
The last bay could the hold the Orb builded ones, Akatsuki (repainted upgraded Strike), Strike Rouge, the five colored Astrays, leaving you with enough place to park one other MS.
Might as well make it the Stargazer.

Seed Destiny gave ZAFT four gundams, 1 gundam, 2 gundams, thus a total of 7 gundams.
But wait, they also had a Saviour prototype.
The EA had several as well, most stolen or recovered.
Eight atleast.
4/20/2016 c18 GreatZero
A bit more violent than expected. but it has been a long time...
4/20/2016 c18 46Hikari Nova
a nice fic series though will you be doing a 3rd one?
1/16/2016 c17 1davycrockett100
2/10/2014 c13 32Firem78910
it's good keep it up
11/15/2013 c9 4Findarato
I don't mind Shinn and Rey bashing (I actually welcome it) but I would like that you make other members of Minerva "see the light" AKA make them realize how weak they are, that Durandal is bastard and Destiny-plan sucks.
Could do that please?
Author Findarato
8/12/2012 c9 1Lord-Marauder-2013
these two crossovers you have written are quite interesting, the way you've combined multiple stories together is an intriguing one, cant wait for the next update
7/22/2012 c9 jinto22
Awsome chapter I love how this story is playing out.
Well till next time Later Jinto22
6/5/2012 c8 2dsgundam00
it's been a while but good chapter none the less...
10/2/2011 c7 3Reishin Amara
Gotta admit,I always did think that the plastic surgeons decided "Lets keep the awesome tits,she looks better with em!"

What else they probably did while she was under,I just don't wanna know.(As if I don't know what any hotblooded male would likely do XD)

(PS,did u ever see her journal writing in her death episode? Her writing was HORRIBLE. It was like a mentally retarded person + peter griffin + a doped idiot trying to form sentences. She had 'and' where 'was' should have been,and sometimes was missing complete wordds from the sentences!Then again,she probally was doped from the medical process still.)
8/3/2011 c6 jinto22
Great chapter I smell a battel comming well till next time laer.

JINTO22 :)
7/31/2011 c6 Reishin Amara
Now that is a cool idea. Love how u got Zoids in there, and Wing even more!

ps,Im putting together a list of plottwists for my own story idea...

Instead of Lacus letting Kira steal the Freedom, She gives him a Mobile Suit built secretly by her family from technology they found floating in the belt of jupiter.

Gundam Quanta + Freedom Gundam = Peacemaker Gundam
7/31/2011 c6 2dsgundam00
nice, can't wait till next chapter.
6/26/2011 c5 James Axelrad
great fic so far. cant wait for more!
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