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12/11/2014 c22 TheTrueLunarHuntress
Please hurry!
5/3/2014 c12 ReNdErMaN
*is staring at the screen along with his brothers, like 'WTF?!'. They all then speak simultaneously* ToGeMoN iS a BaD-aSs.
7/12/2012 c9 Guest
Why is your taste in music so terribad?
7/8/2012 c11 Guest
They are called Vajdramon. Vaj. Hah.
7/8/2012 c10 Guest
You asked us questions and then told us to wait for the answers. GJ.
7/6/2012 c8 Guest
Everyone knows that Carlisle is the best because he is a hunk with bare dollars. Please amend this part of the fic accordingly.
7/6/2012 c7 Guest
I am still unsure what a Lopmon is. Google has failed me here. Please elaborate.
7/6/2012 c6 Guest
I am now concerned that you also claim to own Tesco. No one owns Tesco, not even Tesco. It is a force to be reckoned with, much like Bakuramon's fangirls or my throbbbing erection.
7/6/2012 c5 Guest
Do you own Twixes you seem to mention Twixes often this is serious I am from Cadbruisa and I want my baby back.
7/5/2012 c4 Guest
What if Black Gatomon was Lady Gaga? That would be an interesting plot twist. Furthermore please refrain from using the term D-Slash it sounds dirty when the young Christopher is "tinkering" with it.

Regards, me.
7/5/2012 c3 Guest
What the fuck is a palmon?
7/5/2012 c2 Guest
Is it Kii mon or Chimon. Please answer urgently. My life hangs in the balance.
7/5/2012 c1 Guest
Wow. I have literally nothing to say about this fic, other than that you suck. Congratulations on giving me a good laugh at your failure.
7/5/2012 c1 Guest
1/23/2012 c22 5Keyblade King 12
Tori's new partner? Gotta be Orochimon!

Nah, but I'm really pleased that he's fighting Orochimon, who's one of my favorite evil digimon. This whole trial looks like it's going to be interesting.
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