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5/11/2012 c1 12disturbinglyprofound
This was, in a word, beautiful. The angry way you portrayed both Parvati and Draco was emotionally powerful. Both of them were perfectly in character, and this is something that could completely and realistically happen - fantastic story.
3/1/2012 c1 5ThatSinkingFeeling45
I like how you did this piece, I think because it's a children's book and because most of the seventh book focuses on Harry, Ron, and Hermione; that most people forget the hell that everyone else is going through.

A nice dark piece that (looking at the number of reviews) is sorely under appreciated, I however, will be one those readers that keeps coming back to it from time to time. Great job!
7/20/2011 c1 41MBP
This is just... so painful to read. It's so hard to read about them giving up sometimes even though you generally have them being so strong. But of course it's understandable, too. They can't all be brave warriors all the time. They really are just kids...

The violence in this - in both the words and the actions - really works. I feel terrible for Parvati but also for Draco. It's not easy being either of them right now, and that comes across loud and clear. It works in conjunction with the other chapter, too, of course, in the other story. (I did read that. I'm working my way around the stories now, finally reviewing.)

Put simply? This was one powerful piece of writing.
1/8/2011 c1 FinnFiona
Oh, very interesting...! I really enjoy all the little details-that he keeps calling her 'Patil' even in his head-that there are little flashes of pity and understanding between them. In a strange way, this seems to suit them both and the situation they are stuck in... And you know, I could see it happening again. Can't say I'd want a relationship to develop, but there's a certain twisted service/disservice they're doing themselves that suits the dark world you've crafted for this set of stories.

Anyhow, well done as always! Sorry again for the delay in reviewing... By the way, if you're still interested in it, I finally updated that Barney/Robin story-took me forever (again), I know! :)
1/8/2011 c1 allisonarrgent
Oh my gosh, that was so dark and tragic and [dare I say this?] beautiful.

Honestly, the fact of these two being walking tragedies made this all the more likely to happen, which it did, and there was some sort of beauty in the way you portrayed them both as being such a huge mess when it happened that I can't explain.

I loved Draco's inner conflict in the first little bit; it wasn't even that long and it gave us a huge insight into his character at the time and was just amazing, as was Parvati's thoughts about Dean. [She said Dean's name, and Draco /heard/ her? That broke my heart into a thousand pieces.] The fact that he thought that she was a slut and she thought that she might as well have her first time with him had such a saddening irony to it that I absolutely loved.

Favorite line [so brilliant]:

"But where the hell has that taken him? Principles are good for nothing, he has learned that. His father had principles, once. Just fucking look at him now, and you'll see where principles get you."
12/17/2010 c1 30xoxcrescentmoonxox
Wow. This story is horrible in how very real it seems, especially in Parvati's end - I really feel for her, especially as she whispers Dean's name and Draco notices. The part that really got me was the ending, though. I'm assuming that you intended for the door closing behind Draco to have double meaning, the literal and the fact that they're not going to fall in love or have a relationship. Well, it was the perfect subtle end to this story. Amazing writing.

12/14/2010 c1 8jowx97
This is so sad yet lovely - you've really managed to evoke the emotions of the pair very well.

The remembering Dean at the end made it all so poignant, but I especially liked the way that Draco is justifying it in his mind because she's a "slut", but in reality it's her first time - that's just devastatingly beautiful.

Thanks so much for writing this pairing so wonderfully - there's really not enough of them together, because I do sort of think there's *something* about them. Good work!
12/14/2010 c1 gwennlkj
This is very well written.
12/12/2010 c1 598yellow 14
Dark, nasty and oh-so-very well written. I think that you've gotten Malfoy dead on here. Keep writing
12/12/2010 c1 Jess.91
Awww. Poor Parvati, she is a mess. And Draco too, but his emotional wreckage isn't quite as bad. I love how you did this, and actually made it work. Because it could've been really really bad, but it's not. It's actually believable, and however tragic, it's realistic, too, how they've both hit a point of not caring, where nothing really matters. I'd quite like to see some kind of scene between Dean and Parvati where she tells him this happened. Just a thought.
12/12/2010 c1 9melissaeverlasting
"Principles are good for nothing, he has learned that. His father had principles, once. Just fucking look at him now, and you'll see where principles get you."

I love this. Here are two people so tragically broken that they find each other, and then find themselves in an even bigger mess than before. I love the quiet desperation that you write with, seeping to the surface and making all of this incredibly believable.

One syntax error - "As she closes her eyes, she sees Dean's, kind and gentle, feels his hands, instead of Malfoy's smaller, rougher." Should it perhaps be "Malfoy's smaller, rougher ones"? Other than that, I have no complaints. Wonderful!

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