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for TGFE: Hello Again

9/1/2021 c6 11SandyBandy
Hello, I came here from the first arc of this, and I was not disappointed by the following arc! Cloud and Saan have an...interesting relationship at this point. Saan has to deal with Cloud's dysfunctional memory, hehehe...
But I feel so bad for Ronnie and Jerry :( They had to wait for 5 years twiddling their thumbs since they didn't know if their friend would be alright. Jerry especially. That one scene where he was holding Saan from behind, damn that hits hard.
Speaking of Saan, it's really weird to see her act the same as she had. I mean not change at all. It does make sense, but even so, with the 5 year gap, it makes it feel somewhat unnatural. Rightfully so since it's not normal to stick the body of a person in a Mako tube for 5 years while said person barely or doesn't age.
Ronnie's weapon is really cool and quite unique! It's like Tifa's, but more practical. Speaking of Tifa, I like the screaming match between her and Saan. It really highlights how much she cares for Cloud, while also her way of pinning the blame on Shin-Ra. Well, that part is true, but not the blaming of SOLDIER. It hurts to see her emotional then plaster a fake smile when the rest of the group comes along. Nice to see Barret being, well, Barret.
I wonder how Cloud would've reacted to the truth, and I wonder how the rest of the group would've too at Saan lying. I think they'd be a little put off, but might've reached an understanding at her actions. Saan and Ronnie won't be able to use the Rocket Town excuse much longer, though I think they can get out of it easily by saying that Rocket Town was just a cover and that they're from a small village that got more or less completely decimated when they were teenagers or something. Or they come out with the truth. Who can know? But seeing Cloud being amnesiac is just, poor Saan. Poor Zack :( I was hoping he would live, even though I knew he wouldn't have. Let's just hope he died more far more content in CC. I do wish for Saan say the truth about the person everyone is pursuing is not actually Sephiroth though. But I digress.
Anyway, I have some theories: One, Ronnie was right and they were able to do some time travel shenanigans. The Comet that descend upon Earth was actually Jenova and wiped out all of the Earthlings. So technically, Ronnie and Saan could be considered Ancients, sort of at least. Maybe not Ancients so to speak, but maybe the ancestors of Gaians? I'm not sure, but whatever it is I'm sure that the destruction of Earth is something of the past for Gaia. It would make sense given that there was Hojo who asked Saan about Materia and the Lifestream when explain how her DNA differs from a typical Gaian. Actually Saan can't be an Ancient, given her violent reaction to being injected with Mako. Then again, we've never seen any Ancients being injected with Mako, so yeah.
Anubis...what do you want Saan to correct? Speak, doggie boy. Ah well, he can keep his secrets.
Saan getting high...ha! You know what they say? Ass, Ass, I'm gonna step on that ASS. :)
Well, I'll keep on reading this fic. I might add some more reviews if I notice some small details that I missed. Love this fic, and I hope you're doing well :)
8/4/2021 c6 Ilarya
This is such a good series! I hope one day you finish it!
7/1/2019 c6 3Project-Apocolypse
Not bad so far. I look forward to the next chapters. w
10/6/2017 c6 AFlk
Great series, too bad it won't be completed. Wondering if you would ever write more FF series with your SI?
8/13/2016 c6 NatNicole
LOVE this fic!
1/31/2015 c6 SakuraNyaa
It's been such a long time! I was rereading some of my fav story and checking on some bios...
I just read your note on this story... :'( That is such a pity... I love this adventure... But well, it is still a good story, even without the ending :)
But I wouldn't mind notes or drabbles of this story if you have some :D I'd like very much to know where you intended to go with this story :D As well as if/how you wanted to make a couple of Saan and Jerry? :D :D :D!
Thank you for sharing this amazing story!
All the best!
8/29/2014 c6 Guest
I'd like to see Saan put Cloud in his place!
2/22/2014 c1 Gry17
I still don't know what you are doing these days, but I have a few ideas to this story:
1. After Sephiroth kills Aherit, ( if you are planing for that to happen) Saan faints, and while she is, after Sephiroth is finished talking to Cloud, he comes over to Saan and takes her helmet with him. That way, Saan dosen't hear Jenova's voice ever again.
2. After the real Sephiroth gets the black materia, Saan locks herself in a room, with Ronnie guadring the door, and when Tifa comes, Ronnie tells her that Saan thinks that Tifa is mad at her, now that Cloud knows part of the truth. Tifa still comes into the room and talks to Saan ( you decied what she tells her. )
3. When Cloud is back to noraml and he apologize to everyone, Saan leaves the room while he does, and when he tries to say sorry to Saan, they see that she is gone. Ronnie tells them where she went and that she thinks Cloud is still mad at her for keeping the truth. Cloud then talks to her, and while they do, Saan let's out what she feels from the heart with tears in her eyes. That's where Cloud can hug her.
But it is your story. You decied. Just know that I will keep an eye out for new chapters.
2/14/2014 c6 Gry17
Hey, where have you dissapered to? I want to know what will happen.
I don't know how you have thought it, but I would like that when Sephiroth and Saan meet again, Sephiroth hugs her of his free will, and Cloud does the same when he regains his real memories.
But it is your story. I just want to see more, but take you're time.
12/5/2013 c6 1Wrin
Yay for Saan x Jerry. It's adorable, even if it never pans out. Also: MOAR!
10/20/2013 c1 Guest
jerkface. zack should been alive in this fanfiction.
4/17/2013 c6 4Ashleythetiger
well after reading this story and the prequal gotta say I enjoyed reading it quite abit
nice to see someone female land in FF7, CC timeline wise and not go running straight for Sephiroth
I dont think I can ever recall someone mood swing as much as this lass does XD
sad to see this fic hit a road block called life, do wish yah well and hope you come back to this fic once things are sorted
last note to say, was nice to see a Female SOLDIER, dont think I ever saw one in the games makes me wonder why...
anyway await more chaps:) -my way to say interested in this, no rush:)
3/17/2013 c6 MockerDelight
I really hope your hiatus ends soon! I love your characters and the way you write. I hope real life gets better!
11/23/2012 c6 redrovaredrova
So, it's been eleven months, and I just want to know if you plan to ever post more chapters? I normally never review stories, so now you know I think this story is awesome enough to bother the author about. I really want more of this wonderful.
9/14/2012 c6 1Already Fallen
Hello, just wondering how the next chapter is coming along? This is a great story and I hope this review finds you in good health.
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