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6/4/2020 c336 SmbdyOrOthr
Well, it took me a while, but I have finished reading it all. I'm glad I did this in chunks, cause HOO-BOY was it LONG. This whole thing made me realize something about the Nanoha series: I forgot so much of it! It occurred to me that the last time I saw any of the animes was back when Youtube still allowed fansubs. I'm not even sure if Vivid had started yet. Same with Slayers Revolution.
But seriously, I really do like the way you used stuff from as many sources as you could. I really wish I could get the Slayers novels in english, they're so different from the animes.
Yuno was a very underused character wasn't he? Did he ever even get mentioned A's?
I'm really not very good at putting my thoughts into words, so sorry if all this seems disorderly, but I enjoyed all of it. Even the "dark" parts.
4/11/2020 c73 SmbdyOrOthr
So, this chapter was posted in 2011 right? I think this was the newest chapter back when I read it, and I have to say that scene with Xellos and Sirius is something that I was able to remember almost word for word. The concept of it was something I felt was creative and logical for the whole 'emotivore" concept of the mazoku, and I still think it is years later.
It's been interesting reading through this again, I don't think I ever got to chapter 100 for whatever reason, so I'm looking forward to whatever is coming next, even though the fic has been dead for years.
4/26/2019 c336 KJacket
Thanks for the story! Enjoyed half of it, the overarching "truly evil villains" were meh for me, had ups and downs but kudos for sticking to such a long story. Liked the spin on events and the sprinkle of humor throughout.
4/25/2019 c293 KJacket
Fun relaxing times are great! It's a nice change of pace.
4/25/2019 c271 KJacket
Wow, all the - crack - shipping is quite funny
4/25/2019 c231 KJacket
The build up with Quattro Levi is getting too dragged out boring flat character for me, going to be skipping skimming it until that's over.
4/5/2019 c1 Kat
Leave it to me to find a nearly 400 chapter story at 1 am. Challenge accepted! AMAZING action scenes, by the way. I accidentally opened this on chapter 201.
3/16/2019 c294 1Vld
"Son of gold"... that's either Kyouya, Arashi or Erio... considering that would either make Kyouya a pedo, or bring in a very jealous Caro, there's only one possibility left. Guess Arashi gets his own harem.

And yeah, i do realise Kyouya is only Lina's STEPson. As for Erio, have you SEEN Fate's hair? If that's not gold, i don't know what is.
3/12/2019 c285 Vld
While i understand the concept of Magical Pregnancy (blame my tendency to read lots and lots of Yuri fanfics), i'm gonna have to join Reinforce's side and say "How?" Though mine is not a "How is it possible?" kind of How, but more of a "Was it something Alicia did? Was it Chaos Magic? Was it a result of Hayate and Reinforce unisoning for so long after the events of StrikerS? Was it a combination of some, if not all these reasons?" kind of How.

Oh, and yes, i'll keep calling her Alicia. If only because that bitch hates that. Of course, i may have to stop if one of my guesses (see a couple reviews back) got verified.
3/11/2019 c265 Vld
Wow! Aside from Alicia and the rather short visit from Sirius, there wasn't much about ShinMazos lately! And somehow i'm thinking it won't be long before we see Zelas again... and a certain blonde girl who seems to always follow her. Assuming that girl isn't already around, since one of my two guesses about who she could be is already around.

My other guess is even more unlikely, but could still be pretty cool, especially given the events of StrikerS.

And poor Dieci!
3/11/2019 c264 Vld
Poor Caro! Just the thought of Due cooking must make her stomach hurt AND feel good at the same time! I wonder if the ship's kitchen was situated in Vorfeed's stomach? Or am i mixing ships?
3/11/2019 c261 Vld
Not sure how Cinque woud qualify her day... on the one hand, she was pretty much humiliated, but on the other, she got to learn something important... and she can start thinking for real now.

Er... there's something i just missed. The heck's wrong with Luna? Why the lack of love for Tre? I really wish you would've added how the two met.
3/11/2019 c254 Vld
About that... "lack of scene" with Lina... when was the last time any fight finished without Lina Drag Slaving something, or Raguna Blading, or Giga Slaving, Nanoha either Divine Busting or Starlight Breaking anything, or even Vita going all Hulk Smash with a giant Mjolnir?

I'd say, while i was indeed looking forward to it, this makes it more interesting.
In fact, the only way it could have been better, or at least funnier, was if Lina started incanting one of her favorites, the Arc-En-Ciel ended the threat, and Then Lina would go all... "Oh... well, that's one way of doing it..." then looking at the ball of destruction between her hands, and going "Now where the Hell do i get rid of this?!" and ending the chapter there.

Or have Megane show "Bevi" that "Mazoku hath no fury like a mother's wrath". And litterally destroy her.
3/9/2019 c210 Vld
I'm guessing Barney's show is even worse than i gathered, seeing Quattro's reaction... make that, seeing Uno decided to use... him? It? as a torture means. Mind you, i merely know OF him (researched him a while back, when he made an appearance as a joke villain in very old (and yet very good) "Sailor Sun" series.
I'm starting to think that drabage (dragon-garbage?) is worse than the freaking Teletubbies... and that's NOT a good thing!
3/7/2019 c197 Vld
Female Terminator Maid BEST MAID EVER! Heck, Roberta even trumps Revy as Best Lagoon Character, as far as i'm concerned!
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