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9/7 c6 1Alexandria.Nymphadora
I wish all the best for Ryan

I am deeply awaiting the Seth/Ryan and Seth/parents talk we need
7/22 c6 Guest
When I first read the story's description, especially the last part about Ryan's life crashing down around him, I was thinking how that has always been his life one way or another. It also sounds like he never had a chance with his family. They were going to get him one way or the other, no matter what he did or if he managed to escape.

I'm on pins and needles, so you're doing an excellent job with the physical and the emotional tolls too. I'm most interested in how this will have an impact on Ryan's and Sandy's relationship. At least I think that's the one that matters most to Ryan, and to me. I wanted more with Ryan and Luke because I always thought that they could have been friends without strings.

I know that this will be a tearjerker, but much more too and in a good way. I need to check sooner next time.

Thanks for all of your research and for how creatively you write and know the main characters.
7/9 c6 Guest
I'm on vacation and it's late, but I wanted you to know that I wasn't going to miss a chapter. I want you to know how much I get lost in your writing. Thanks for making this so authentic with the new characters who add so many facts and what's essential to the story from their POV, but also for what they'll bring to Ryan's own story with their knowledge and their roles. I can't wait to see where you're taking this, and what it all means for Ryan and his bonding with Sandy.
6/23 c6 Guest
Absolutely loving this. So much emotional toll already. This has all of the classic elements that are totally investing and irresistible and you have Ryan, Sandy really speaking to me and round out with Luke and new characters. I can tell this is going to be a bumpy ride, but I wouldn't miss a beat.

6/21 c6 Guest
Emotional, ominous and so heartfelt!

I'm so scared for Ryan and feel for Sandy and can't wait for what's next, even if I can't sink the feeling of dread.
6/15 c6 Guest
Pls when are u updating
6/14 c6 Guest
To borrow from your title, this is what fanfic is for! I'd been a big fan of this before, but this chapter has me in a whole new place, or places. You bring me into every scene and invest me, feeling along with Ryan, whether his physical pain or all of his powerful emotions. You have me feeling and reeling with Sandy. I can sympathize for the coach and even though I'm just meeting the doctors, I'm already in their corners too. Ryan has this incredible way of bringing people together and drawing people to him, and he doesn't realize it or believe that he could or be worth their attention and best efforts.

I definitely can't wait for more!
6/3 c6 Guest
Excellent and so compelling!
6/3 c6 Guest
Since this is sort of lunch, I'm sorry that I can't review like I normally would. This story is really my jam. You already have me on the edge of my seat and crying at times, and I know that Ryan will be facing a lot more. He has to be so scared, hurting, confused and the list keeps going. Will Sandy be able to hide his fear? I'm glad that the doctors seem to be good guys, beyond what they are just supposed to do. It's a combo of heartbreaking and desperate to know more.
5/30 c6 Guest
Wonderful update. You've really taken this to a new level. You sure know how to have me feel right along with Ryan and want to know everything ASAP. I like the doctors and can't wait to see how things come together with Sandy and Dr. Stacey. Poor Ryan has the fight of his life and he already has too many struggles.
5/23 c6 Guest
I know that I can't do this justice, but I'm so excited to see this continued. This story is a perfect reminder of why I've always been so invested in Ryan and all of his struggles and wanting to know more about him. It's also a reminder of how much I wanted more of his bond with Sandy and having it deepen and his friendship with Luke. Both weren't given nearly enough time and Luke was just dropped. Having a couple of new characters to do some storytelling and give more revelations definitely works too. You know how to really tug at the emotions. Well done! I'm hurting and scared for Ryan, but I also want to see how someone like Sandy can rise to the occasion and finally Ryan can have someone care too.

I can tell that this will be really moving and so worth it no matter how many tears.

Thanks for something so real!
5/15 c6 Guest
You're one of my favorite writers and this was a story that really grabbed me. I'm very happy to have more again and that you're jumping right in with such high stakes and a scale of emotions. Ryan can never catch a break, or his breath, literally. He's always facing the next battle and he's in a new kind of fight for his life and that means a huge impact and lots of questions for Sandy and now at least one doctor who is personally involved too.

Thanks so, so much for writing again.
5/14 c6 Guest
This would be a page turner, if it wasn't on a screen. You've made Ryan's heartbreak and struggles so painfully real each step. He has to be terrified, and you make that vivid. Sandy's beside himself too and there's no doubting how much he cares about Ryan and how close he's become to him already and what he'll do to help him along with the doctors.

Can't wait for more.
5/9 c6 Guest
What a great surprise to see, although not for Ryan. This has been a favorite story. You pulled me right in so I'm feeling the anxiety and the pain. The doctors are realistic too. It's impossible not have your heart breaking for Ryan and wonder what Sandy is feeling too.
5/8 c6 BloodforInk
As awful as this may sound, it’s nice to see; Kirsten and Seth. Suffering from remorse. I like Dr. Stacey, he seems to know his stuff- but he has no idea; how truly terrible, Ryan’s whole childhood was.
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