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for That's What Friends Are For

5/20/2011 c3 24tomfeltonlover1991
love this and im glad you updated again. im kinda liking the idea of ryan liking summer and he should go for it. please update soon.
5/20/2011 c3 grahad8
Delighted you have posted the third chapter. Really enjoyed reading this chapter, you have done a really good job, building the characters and maintaining a hold on the storyline, not giving away too much, too soon.
5/19/2011 c3 christin
great update
5/18/2011 c3 ocmiss
Hey, loving it so far it mixes all characters in and it's really cool!

Please please, continue (soon if possible lol) !
5/18/2011 c3 13Kerschi-Puky

this chapter is awesome! They way you point out Ryan's life with his friends, Seth is really great and would match easily into the aired episodes somewhere in the first season. I also like your work regarding the friendship between Luke and Ryan. Stories about this topice are rare, but IMO the two guys would have been damn good friends in the series.

It's a great thing that you don't put Ryan's.. whatever he's suffering from, in the obvious centre of attention. The subtle way of making it part of the story, makes you stile of writing much more sophisticated.

Well, great job!
5/17/2011 c3 7albfic
I'm really glad you posted another chapter. I look forward to finding out whats really going on with Ryan hope you post again soon
5/17/2011 c3 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome update, hope Luke and Ryan will both be okay ^-^

5/16/2011 c3 othgirl2010
hey i love this story. are u going to give ryan cancer .cause i have been looking for a good cancer fic.
5/16/2011 c3 Guest
Yeah, A update. Like the Luke/Ryan dynamic. Hope Luke gets his act together and Ryan ends up ok with them as friends.
5/16/2011 c3 2Boxfin
loved it, looking forward to more!

5/16/2011 c3 Jodi
I was beginning to lose hope that you might update, but here is another great chapter. The cliff hanger is killing me and I really want to know what is wrong with poor Ryan. I especially like the Kristen/Ryan relationship, since I think it makes sense that it would take a while for both of them to get over their initial impressions. Job well done. More please!
5/16/2011 c3 14Adorereading
OH! I LOVE IT THAT You've updated! But than the cliffhanger... gosh... i don't like saying this: BUT UPDATE FRIGGING SOON!

I love the friendship bond between Ryan and Luke, and luke admitting his mixed upfeelings on his sexuality.

I especially enjoyed the moment where Sandy went to check up on Ryan, it sooo something he would do :)

So awesome JOB!
5/9/2011 c2 2Boxfin
Looking forward to more!

oh, and please don't kill Ryan:P

4/29/2011 c2 28ChampagneWishes
There aren't enough people writing good OC fics on here anymore. I really hope you keep updating this!
4/21/2011 c2 eateetor
please update! I want more!
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