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5/15/2022 c6 Guest
You're one of my favorite writers and this was a story that really grabbed me. I'm very happy to have more again and that you're jumping right in with such high stakes and a scale of emotions. Ryan can never catch a break, or his breath, literally. He's always facing the next battle and he's in a new kind of fight for his life and that means a huge impact and lots of questions for Sandy and now at least one doctor who is personally involved too.

Thanks so, so much for writing again.
5/14/2022 c6 Guest
This would be a page turner, if it wasn't on a screen. You've made Ryan's heartbreak and struggles so painfully real each step. He has to be terrified, and you make that vivid. Sandy's beside himself too and there's no doubting how much he cares about Ryan and how close he's become to him already and what he'll do to help him along with the doctors.

Can't wait for more.
5/9/2022 c6 Guest
What a great surprise to see, although not for Ryan. This has been a favorite story. You pulled me right in so I'm feeling the anxiety and the pain. The doctors are realistic too. It's impossible not have your heart breaking for Ryan and wonder what Sandy is feeling too.
5/8/2022 c6 BloodforInk
As awful as this may sound, it’s nice to see; Kirsten and Seth. Suffering from remorse. I like Dr. Stacey, he seems to know his stuff- but he has no idea; how truly terrible, Ryan’s whole childhood was.
5/7/2022 c6 Macie
I can’t believe this story is back! I remember reading this 10 years ago and it was one of my favorites. I’ve been wondering what has been wrong with poor Ryan for a decade! you do a nice job of writing a realistic Ryan. Stoic, with a lot of angst, but without falling into melodrama. I can’t wait to read more from you.
5/7/2022 c6 Guest
I'm such a big fan of this story and all of the potential, so I'm really excited that it's back. Thanks for infusing so much reality and emotion and making it so powerful. I can't wait for more. Please!
5/5/2022 c4 BloodforInk
*Hugs Ryan* The kid just can’t catch a break.
5/3/2022 c6 Guest
Can you please update this story.. you totally got me hooked and I need more
4/30/2022 c3 BloodforInk
So much going on. Don’t know where to begin commenting.
4/28/2022 c6 Guest
You have to write more. I have been rereading OC five and can’t believe there was an update. This is awesome
4/27/2022 c6 Guest
I remember this fic well and was hoping that you'd write more. This new chapter doesn't skip a beat and I really like how you bring in Ryan's back story that would be so crucial for the medical part too, not that it doesn't have a major emotional and psychological side. I'll admit it, you made me cry and my heart just breaks for Ryan. It's a way of showing how attached Sandy is too. The doctors get caught up in a personal way and that will add to it.

Thanks for bringing it back!
4/21/2022 c6 Guest
One of my favorite stories is back!

Thanks for writing more and for knowing how to tap into emotions and characters so well. You've made Ryan's pain and fright so real and his relationship with Sandy and Sandy's feelings too. I'm glad that you go into Ryan's background here, something that was mostly untouched during the run of the show. It's crucial.

I felt like I was right in the room when Ryan was with both doctors.

I can't wait for more again!
4/21/2022 c6 Guest
Thanks for the update! Waiting on the diagnosis with bated breath :)
4/18/2022 c6 Guest
An intense, gripping and emotional chapter! I'm so glad that you're writing again. Poor Ryan. He has so much to cope with and is in the most important fight of all. Sandy really comes across as so much more than a guardian or friend, but like he's really Ryan's father in all ways minus biology. Their bond and Sandy's anguish and fear are palpable. Ryan's realization and fear about what he worries he might be facing is unmistakable or he wouldn't dare to ask about dying. He knows what he's felt and how he's struggled. He's heard the doctor and nurses when they were working to save him.

Kirsten? She has some thinking to do about making choices and changes. That's up to her. Sandy would hold her to it. My guess is that Ryan expects nothing.

Seth? Where to begin? He is who he is.

Both of the doctors get good grades.

I'm looking forward to more with Ryan and Sandy and the doctors, especially the specialist who will have to get to know Sandy as well as Ryan to begin to figure out what to do.

4/18/2022 c6 pickles-cat24
Such an awesome chapter! I reread your story to catch myself up and it's just as good as I remember. Thank you for updating!
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