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7/15/2013 c1 155Ally R. Swan
omg I love Bugaloos. I loved them and I'm sixteen. I was thinking of writing one myself awhile ago but never got around to it. Along with Pufnstuf, if you are familar with that as well. I.Q. is my favorite! :) So I'm glad there is a writer who like the bugaloos and I.Q. as well.

Hope you plan to continue this! I like it so far, can't wait to see the conflict between I.Q. and Benita's niece. Update soon! I like this!
11/29/2011 c1 14Bugaloosfan
You did a terrific job on the story, I really get what you are going for. I like it. I love the bugaloos

Some suggestions I think will be a hit are

How about if I.Q. drives back to the scene and he finds a girl injured laying on the road. He helps her and asks for her name and where she lives. She tells her name is whatever and she lives with her aunt (Benita Bizarre) She and I.Q. fall in love and they go on dates ect

However The other Bugaloos find out that what her name is actually is Benita's niece. They warn I.Q. not to take any chances but I.Q.is in lovey land

To end the plot, I.Q. comes to his senses and is just friends with the girl.

I thought it could be just an idea If you have any I would go ahead with it. Just thought of it. Hopes this helps

Another thing, Harmony has cockney ryme slang.

Some suggestions

whooper an holler - dollar

elliot ness- mess

purple n plaid- mad

penny in a half- laugh

apple pie- sky

gingerbread/lump of lead- head

jammy book- look

flicker n bake- cake

Hopes this helps

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