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12/3 c23 Ro
Ugh this was such a good fic. Satisfied the hunger for more post mockingjay and I love how true to canon they felt. Absolute S tier writing
10/8 c23 lovlylobster
Somehow this felt like a drafted novella from suzanne
9/17 c2 lovlylobster
I actually cried
4/9 c1 Sam
I am really enjoying this, it could be a long-shot but would be great if you could post this to a03 so I can read it on my kindle.
3/14 c23 CleoArrow
I'm super late to the Hunger Games fandom but this was exactly what I needed after finally reading the books! As far as I'm concerned, this is the fourth book for me. Thank you for writing this!
3/13 c23 riverlover
Just finished this story. it's only the second ever hunger games fanfiction I've read. I absolutely loved this. It seemed so in line with canon and the actual books. You write amazingly well. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
2/22 c23 5TheAmazingBookWorm
This was so good. So well written, like Collins wrote it herself. <3
1/20 c8 LavenderLov3
I just realized it's a firefly
12/14/2022 c23 4Romans623andJohn316
Ugh, I love this so much! I wish it wasn’t over!
11/24/2022 c23 Guest
This story was really, really good. The best fanfic I’ve read.
11/23/2022 c12 Guest
1. I love this. This is what I wanted from Mockingjay.
2. This is kinda random but the beginning of this story reminded me of the song “Bad For Me” by Meghan Trainor.
Overall, amazing story!
9/9/2022 c21 Recubbbie
This story is immaculate. Literally makes me cry it’s so good. thank you for staying so true to the characters
9/9/2022 c9 Recubbbie
8/23/2022 c23 2StrengthofaHundred
What an amazing story! I just recently discovered the everlark side of fanfiction and I've loved every second of it! Hunger Games is one of my favorite series and the movies just brought it to life, but this does more than both! I always love the in between, the ideas on how things happened in the canon story. Your characterization was great and the sorry just flowed so well. Thanks for writing this so long ago now. Hopefully you still check the reviews!
7/28/2022 c23 Guest
This was so good, don’t even regret staying up half the night
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