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10/23/2015 c1 10sugarcane.behind.the.sea
Wonderful chapter, I can hardly tell that this isn't actually one of the books it's so good.
10/14/2015 c1 Goodgyal4
Great story!
9/27/2015 c15 2Iakobos
You once again perfectly capture the tone of Collins' writing. I am thoroughly impressed.
9/26/2015 c1 6xHouse-Of-Blackx
Great first chapter! It really seemed like I was reading the actual continuation of the series instead of a fanfiction. Katniss and Peeta are perfectly in character and the stuff with the letters was a good opener. Heading over to the next chapter now, seems like a promising story.
9/21/2015 c2 2Iakobos
I think you've really captured the tone of the final part of Mockingjay in these first two chapters. Excellent work keeping the spirit of the novel alive thus far.
8/28/2015 c23 Everafter4
Lovely! Prefect ending!
8/28/2015 c22 Everafter4
8/28/2015 c18 Everafter4
Yellow jackets!? That's kinda funny. But, I'm sorry that you got attacked... :)
8/28/2015 c17 Everafter4
*sigh* That was glorious! I've done something similar to my husband when he went away on business after our first child was born... I love how he surprised her!
8/28/2015 c16 Everafter4
Good stuff! How you wrote this out- them growing back together- Makes perfect sense! It's the way SC would have!
8/28/2015 c13 Everafter4
Great chapters! I love drunken, surly Haymitch- he's always protecting them, watches out for them... I just love it!
8/26/2015 c10 Everafter4
I'm really enjoying this! I like how descriptive and entailed you are about Peeta's flashbacks, Katniss' dreaming, etc. You obviously put a great deal of time/thought/energy into this! :) Good work!
8/14/2015 c1 1NVMissy
I haven't got the chance to read all the chapters yet, but what I've read was amazing. Well-done! It felt like Susan Collins herself wrote the book.
8/14/2015 c1 red.herringg
Whoa I love this! I can see why this has over 3,000 favs. There a few mistakes/typos, but its always hard to be going through and editing every single one. Please don't stop writing. Ever.
8/10/2015 c23 39SunnyZim
I loved this! Well-written, in-character and a believable epilogue to Mockingjay;-) Good job!
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