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4/10/2015 c12 1SunriseImagination
This is the sweetest chapter ever! Out in the woods... them finally getting to where they used to be... Oh it is the most romantic chapter.

Sadly it is all destroyed in the next.

Two steps forward one step back.
4/9/2015 c8 SunriseImagination
another reviewer commented how the lightning bugs are perfect for the two of them because it fits in with the yellow/hope/Peeta theme. :) I had to smile rereading this passage with that in mind.
4/9/2015 c7 SunriseImagination
bugging the place. Perfect. Of course the capitol was listening in to the houses they gave the victors. Of course that is why Haymitch keeps the house so messy (well part of the reason. He is also a drunk slob). This was one of your more brilliant insights and it will forever be cannon in my eyes.
4/9/2015 c6 SunriseImagination
It's so sad how well everything was going for them and then how it all erupts. Its so sad that Katniss can't allow any love from Peeta because she was forced to love him in the past. It's heartbreaking how they both crawl to Haymitch for help when what they really need is each other not to be broken. Katniss needs Peeta's affection. NEEDS him (yeah I'm using your phrase from the end of the story but :P) and Peeta needs her too. The first time I read this I almost cried.

But this time I caught on to the joke during real/not real. cute.
4/9/2015 c5 SunriseImagination
It's sweet how domestic they both have come without realizing it. Staying over... taking care of each other... hey sweetie could you drop this off for me on your way to town? So cute!

"asks about Peeta...nothing to report there" Ha! actually there is much to report. You just can't see the progress Katniss. And there is so much progress in this one chapter.

The train station was beautiful. Their conversation so real. Reflective questioning always seems to happen to me when I'm looking at the stars.

And then their first night back together :)
4/9/2015 c4 SunriseImagination
The best part about this chapter is watching them both come back to a bit of themselves. Katniss comes back to hunting and caring for Peeta (even if she doesn't know what to do about that yet). Peeta is putting his life back together with baking, watching over Katniss (even if that means falling for her again although that's dangerous territory with flashbacks yet), and rediscovering the things he loves like drawing and hot chocolate. This is a sweet chapter with no stand out scenes. Just life progressing as the two figure out who they are and who they are together.
4/9/2015 c3 SunriseImagination
So sweet... Peeta asking for a squirrel the same as her mom.
I love in your writing the caution in every asked question. Peeta cautiously asks and Katniss cautiously answers.

I also love the allusion to the time in the cave only the positions reversed.
4/9/2015 c2 SunriseImagination
Best line in this chapter... "So I have the pair of you today. What are we today? Star crossed lovers? enemies? two kids from 12?"
So Haymitch! It's him to a tee!

I also love the cookie decorating where Katniss can't do anything remotely artistic and finds herself fascinated with his eyelashes again.
I also love how confused Peeta is when he wakes up in the wrong house.

It is so true to character that the minute she is dealing with anything she doesn't want to she runs and hides. The closet thing is cuter as time goes on with Peeta always pulling her out.. making sure she eats... making sure she takes her meds. Yeah so good.

I like the outrageous stories you make comes out of the tracker jacker venom and how sometimes Katniss is even able to laugh at how ridiculous some of the stories are... but of course that is later.

It's so sad how Katniss almost begs him to stay with her... cause even though he hurt her and almost killed her it almost kills her to be alone.
4/9/2015 c1 SunriseImagination
The best thing about this chapter is the way you automatically capture the tone of Katniss. I love how real her struggle is... how before Peeta showed up she was just like her mother on the couch. You see more of that in the later chapters... how she doesn't want to deal with life and can't.

One thing I feel I must touch on is the medicine. Your reviewers kept saying "the medicine is obviously not working" in your story. As a nursing student I know that our current antidepressants don't take full effect for 12 weeks. It starts to show an effect at 2. By 12 weeks in your story they are a bit better. Katniss's depression is better managed by that time.. of course there is therapy with Peeta... and in Psychological disorders medicine and therapy are always better together.

The first time I read through this story I wasn't happy with the letters. They didn't seem like something Peeta would write... I'm ok now reading it the second time through. Maybe its because now I know Peeta's characterization in this story and accept it. Idk.

But like I said before, it was the way you understood Katniss that kept me reading.
4/9/2015 c23 SunriseImagination
I just recently reread the whole Hunger Games series and like many of your amazing fans was dissatisfied with the way the epilogue ended it all. I came to fanfiction hoping for something amusing and found the most amazing series that kept me up all night reading. It was truly amazing! Every character! It is a miracle to capture the chracterization of Katniss... but even capturing other chracters like Delly or Sae... wow. And Oh the way you slowly broght Katniss and Peeta together... I died. They are so beautiful. I totally agree with the seizure activity for Peeta. It makes sense to me. And Haymitch was so hillarious! I could see him making every side comment simultaneously pushing the two at each other and telling them to be careful of the press. When he called out "its about time" at the party I wanted to shout it out with him!
Thank you for posting your amazing story and I hope it is enjoyed for years to come.
4/1/2015 c11 Sam
I am absolutely loving this so far. Thank you.
3/30/2015 c23 Guest
I'm sure many others can relate, that the ending of Collin's Mockinjay is rather underwhelming due to the fact we just wanted more. This fanfiction gave me more and the closure I needed. Thank you for this, it was beautifully written (found it was very similar to Collins writing throughout the series), amazing plot line and understanding of characters was spot on. Bravo!
3/1/2015 c1 Raffaella
3/1/2015 c1 Raffaella
Somebody help.I just come for the author know?
2/26/2015 c1 Chelsea353
Would just like to let you know that this was my very first fanfiction read ever! And I am so happy that your story was the first one I have read, I created an account because of it. Such a great read and I can not wait to explore the rest of the creative minds on here :) thank again you for such a good read I was addicted haha
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