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9/20/2018 c1 Guest
I absolutely adore this. The style is so perfect and interesting.
8/19/2018 c23 4Angela.Rayleon
Wow this was beautiful!
8/18/2018 c14 Angela.Rayleon
Oh my god! They legit thought she was missing so they sent in soldiers to find her ONLY TO find her at PEETAS HOUSE in ONLY his shirt and Peeta in ONLY his sleeping pants both wrapped around each other on the floor! Oh my god! And she didn’t want scandal! Ahahaha
7/28/2018 c1 6Whovianeverlark17
this was so beautiful. I loved it!
7/26/2018 c23 AcetaBells
this was so amazing the whole way through. absolutely loved it
7/24/2018 c23 Guest
Amazing story! Well written and faithful to the characters!
6/12/2018 c23 ShelleCR
That was amazing, thank you so much for filling in the gaps the books had omitted. You perfectly captured the essence of SC’s universe and her tone. The characters stayed true to themselves. I’ve just finished reading the books two days ago and wanted to read more. I tried to read several fanfics, which I never do, but nothing tempted me to read more than a paragraph or two. Then I came across the Top50 somewhere and your title caught my eye. I wasn’t expecting to het hooked right away. I couldn’t stop reading. Thanks again for such a great work.
5/31/2018 c23 stjohn27
I think my favorite line is Katniss saying that Buttercup is the only one who knew they toasted privately...and he hadn’t sold his story...;)))))

Fantastic, fantastic story!
5/30/2018 c6 stjohn27
Peeta has to be so incredibly strong, because if the scenario was flipped around and Peeta was treating Katniss like this...she’d run away and never come back.

He doesn’t deserve this.
5/30/2018 c5 stjohn27
As much as Katniss frustrates me with her constant acts of pushing him away...or trying to...she always comes back to him...just like canon...;)
5/22/2018 c23 Yali.Page
Really enjoyed this story, thank you for sharing it with us!
5/7/2018 c23 Guest
For what it’s worth so many years after being completed..

This was such a beautiful story! So well written and realistic for Katniss and Peeta. So often with these post-Mockingjay stories I feel like Peeta and Katniss become very out of character. Peeta becomes over the top and Katniss becomes too giggly and kind of loses her edge, but you managed to create an amazing love story while staying true to the characters the entire time. I only wish that Katniss and Gale could have had more closure. Forgiven each other. It made me sad to imagine Gale drunk and still pining for Katniss and them kind of leaving it that way when he sulks away. However, I did love the part about Gale and Joanna leaving together. I just love them.

It was emotional, very believable, and so much fun to read. This has definitely been one of my favorite FF’s. Thank you so much for sharing!
4/16/2018 c1 Whovianeverlark17
this was amazing, adorable, and all around perfection. Thank you. :D
3/28/2018 c23 Anyone
Loved it soooo much! I couldn't stop reading ️️
3/21/2018 c1 3Sidenwood367
This story is so sweet! Practically heal my heart.
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