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for Mystic Life: Year 2 Dark Books, Idiots & Pranks

8/8/2011 c14 110th Squad 3rd Seat
Nice prank.XD

The teachers reactions are funny.
8/8/2011 c13 10th Squad 3rd Seat
That was long.And had some confusing parts...XD

Nice kiss and Merry Christman!~...0-0
8/8/2011 c12 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Shes going to be powerful.XD

Dumblefuck better not have tried anything perverted with her.
8/8/2011 c11 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Nice mind she has there.XD

Stupid twat...
8/8/2011 c10 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Its Ronewa!XD

I love RavenClaw.^^
8/8/2011 c9 10th Squad 3rd Seat
That was epic.Nice pranks.XD
8/7/2011 c8 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Minnie is going to be a great Headmistress.XD

Nice class with Snape,and next is DADA eh?

8/7/2011 c7 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Nice wand work,Wizard of Oz' refrence,and cliffy.T^T
8/7/2011 c6 10th Squad 3rd Seat
8/7/2011 c5 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Mystic is here to cause chaos!XD

I ah happeh.('.') ('.')
8/7/2011 c4 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Hogwarts is a GIRL?*Le Gasp!*GP girls power~XD

Neville is an heir?


Love that smirk...He is 12 or something right?
8/7/2011 c3 10th Squad 3rd Seat
8/7/2011 c2 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Yay!~Harry is so cool.XD
8/7/2011 c1 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Nice first chapter of the sequel.^^

I'm glad the Power Rangers are in this.XD
8/1/2011 c18 Nightwing 509
I enjoyed readingyour story. i liked the way you have Daphne Greengrass finding out if she is the Heir of Slytherin. Please update soon. And having Hermione's mother finding out she was a Witch. Please write a sequel.
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