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1h c7 8WordSmyth
You’re calling “ain’t’cha” a big contraction? You’dn’t’ve said that!
7/20 c44 Meepmoop42
This was a journey. A journey I should have made years ago.
7/17 c44 TheItzal
I know you probably don't come on here any more but I just wanted to say, I've read this fic end to end several times now and I still find myself enjoying it every time.
6/18 c44 LordFluffyPuffy
Bloody amazing story! Loved it
6/11 c44 RUiN The Extinct
What an absolute masterpiece...
Thank you for writing this.
I feel honoured to have read this.
6/8 c44 Betoran
... can't believe i found this gem, can't believe it took all my free time to read it all, can't believe it was so perfect.

Loved the story. The characters... everything. Thank you sir, for bringing this gem to life. Truly, thank you. It made this horrible week least grim in my eyes. So, all i can say. Is thanks.

Hope life goes great on your end.
5/12 c41 1Warrof
I did not see that coming. But it does make perfect sense.
5/9 c44 Bonzy Bonnie1
even if this story is old I really love this I hope to see more story like this dear author.

story score for me (10/10
4/29 c44 Alexander von Anderson
epic history, thanks!
4/24 c41 Jack1nTheBox
damn, I was hoping the two of them would stick around, guess that was too much to hope for.
4/23 c27 Jack1nTheBox
bummer, kinda wanted karasuba to join...
4/23 c26 Jack1nTheBox
4/23 c18 Jack1nTheBox
hope karasuba gets winged by Shiro, would suck if she wasn't.
4/20 c44 FanFictionman43
Good story. The mask gag was a bit annoying, but fun at times. The ending is a bit unsatisfying, but it could've ended worst.
4/20 c41 FanFictionman43
Sad to see Rin and Saber go. I like the Fate girls way more than the Sekirei ones so it sucks to see it happen. Nice closure though.
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