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for Code Geass R3: Tainted Kings

11/6/2015 c6 Guest
4/10/2013 c5 8Grey Wolf4
This is a great Code Geass fic and I loved how you wrote it quite well and I think your re-writes were a great move and as for me I accept any criticism provided its constructive. Also you portrayed everyone quite well.

Sorry for the short review, I only recently got into Code Geass so I'm a relative newcomer to the fandom
11/10/2011 c1 Guest
hi im one of your fan you are a good writer by the way i hope you finish your story

keep up a good work
8/10/2011 c5 6Slices
Hurry up and update :P, really nice story so far wanna read more.

Slices out
8/5/2011 c5 Guest
I say u continue the story becAuse if u just drop u'll be no better than Sunrise for having lelouch die and then cut out the part in the end were it shows he's alive! He the driver of the cart that C.C. is on youtube it if u hqven't seen it aready! :(x100 if they don't continue it but :)x777 if they do! Great story continue it u have something good going! :)xOVER 9000!
6/25/2011 c4 18xXxShiniXKazexXx
Interesting... hmm, who's the White Zero, ne? .
6/13/2011 c4 Akuma-Heika
I hope to see further chapters. Most who have a R3 scenario don't write a good explanation to the fall of peace, which makes your story better in my opinion.
6/3/2011 c4 3151
Yo ca fai DES mois, si tu continu po pendan lete jte masak a la rentree :P
4/12/2011 c1 3sirengirl15
oooo luv it! soo misterious! cant wait 4 more! u guys might like my book also...not 2 change the subject...nice hope 2 c more from u later on! ;)
4/12/2011 c4 2Phr33k
I don't think Taira-keimei made the tenth generation frame strong enough. When Kururugi Suzaku fought the Knights of Round, it only took him an instant to destroy most of the units against him, around with a few of the Knights of Rounds. The tenth generation frame should be stronger than lancelot albion, yet seems to take quite a while to destroy 11 vincents and 1 vincent ward. It should seem to be completely unbeatable, a knightmare that even the Knights of Round cannot defeat. Oh, and the EMP like effect the tenth generation knightmare frame used could be easily replicated with gefion disturbers. But otherwise, this chapter was quite well done.
3/3/2011 c4 28WriteShop

please continue
2/19/2011 c4 Kevin
is Lulu going to be revealed alive after? i want them to know he is alive

good story keep writing
2/17/2011 c1 The stalker from your closet
Nice story. It is believable so far. And it is going steadily. Don't worry about it. Keep it up you're doing a good job.

You can do both KallenxLeloych and CCxLelouch. Or even

A Lelouch harem if you want. But also, why not a Suzalulu? ... Just kidding. But it is still a goo idea no?
2/17/2011 c4 2Ragez
Amazing work!
2/16/2011 c4 Anonymous
So far, so good! :) Looks believable. I like the fact that Lelouch works in the shadows. I think it would be better that no one knows he's alive or if anyone knows, it will just be a handful of people. So, waiting for the next chapter. ^^ Keep up the good work!
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