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1/28 c24 Gift of Light
Nah someone gotta fire Houki, bro is worse than OG part one Sakura, at least she would have been smart enough to avoid a Hyuga up close :')
1/24 c1 Guest
This is so good
1/26 c39 chlordiazepoxide
Lllll8 nuts. Mwwww4wwwwwwww
1/25 c84 dobbins.alex9405
Pleaseee continue, I desperately need to know what happens next, I've read most of your stories and they're all amazing, but this one has always been my favorite, I would love to see this story continue.
1/22 c77 bLueLuLw
Amazing transition
1/20 c84 GloriouSin
Well after this many years the author doesn't even remember most the story anymore... shame cos this could be one of the best.
There is no shame in quitting, some stories die with a whimper.. Respect for you to trying this long, it was a brave journey. Better that then reduce quality to what most this site is and rush something good. Best let art die than ruin it.
salutes author
1/20 c1 Salty Six Paths
1m words is crazy
1/17 c84 marcoabacahin10
Can you update pls
1/12 c54 NoName
The Omake of this chapter reminds me of my favourite anime, "Ranma 1/2", and this makes me incredibly pleased (and amused).

If you haven't watched it, I would definitely recommend, since "selling student's hand of marriage", plus, "victory marriage", plus "ego too big to lose", plus, "nonplused bystanders watch chaos from afar", all are common parts of the show.

Well, except for the fact Ranma Genderbends the protagonist;
Although, to be honest, the Sexy Jutsu kinda fills that role too, lol.
1/4 c2 3JohnDouglas4274
Heheh, a Power of Knowledge Naruto? Sounds like a good time! The knowledge absorption of the Kage Bunshin is kinda OP if you think about it.
1/3 c15 thecraz7storm
My God, what nonsense is all this. Asuma doesn't teach Naruto anything, why does he need the ability to cover the blade with wind chakra if he doesn't have kenjutsu skills? Asuma is the only wind user, and he knows a lot of jutsu by the type of air rush, bullets, walls, and he does not teach this to Naruto... Besides, this nonsense with the ban on training for Naruto, his healing factor outweighs everything, and why doesn't Naruto train his speed himself? He realized this during the battle with Haku and blamed himself for simply not being able to keep up with her. Why doesn't Asuma put on weight to train him physically? The author did not come up with anything better than to make Naruto a simple fighter at close range and at the same time did not give him really normal training and abilities to master this specialty. Another overrated fan fiction.
1/2 c84 nacichjuanmanuel
bro I don't know how often you update but I hope you can do it more often, because you left the story in a very interesting part. I look forward to the next update
12/29/2022 c84 getblackah
I have been reading and re-reading this story for over four years. I truly hope you haven’t abandoned it. It’s my favorite Naruto work, that includes the official works. Don’t leave us hanging
12/26/2022 c16 Krieger Techpreist
Qeustion 6 made me want to beat the shit out of you for rining my break from hell
12/25/2022 c83 Makaze125
glad to see you aren't dead, great chapter going to read the next, by the way worlds strongest shinobi needs an update man, all of your fics are like crack for me, and I need my fix
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