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6h c31 8Itack23
I have to say, being able to duplicate the weapons and in particular the explosive tags with the Kage Bunshin is just REALLY OP! All those explosions, and those water scrolls!
By the way, In the first part of this fight, after Shikamaru explode the trees, Ino say they have no more explofing tags but they use many more after... Well, let's just say it was abait to the ennemy xD
10h c30 Itack23
Damn, Ino and Shikamary actually managed well as f*ck against Gaara, and Temari and Kankuro too
20h c29 Itack23
The Clone Chain Body Slam is A-rank? Damn, that's stronger than I thought!
The match against Fuu was really great! Now, the one against Gaara, Temari and Kankuro is the last!
1/17 c28 Itack23
My conclusion of this chapter : Shikamaru is a total bro and Ino is cute as f*ck
1/16 c83 3BullC6
Amazing chapter. and what an end to it. The way this story is going is the direction I would have wanted the original Naruto to go. Also I have a favor to ask as a fan and reader of your stuff for 12 years. Please don't abandon Shinobi of high seas and History's strongest shinobi likevTrue warriors never die. both are masterpieces and I would love if there was a future update soon...even if to announce their fate
1/16 c27 8Itack23
Gold chapter for action! Hype for the other matches!
1/16 c26 Itack23
Great fights! I didn't think Tenten would be that difficult to Naruto.
Poor Lee in the end...
1/16 c25 Itack23
I'm really interested to see how you're gonna develop Gaara and Fuu and their relation with Naruto.
Fuu really doesn't seem like a bad one, not even bloodthirsty like Gaara, the opposite in fact : she doesn't want to have to hurt anyone. Her development could be awesome to read (I'll see soon anyway)
1/16 c24 Itack23
Damn, I wondered about those two from Taki, seeing you made characters pretty characterized for those, and I wondered if you'd maybe put a third jinchuuriki in there. Well, you didn't disappoint.
Between her and later Gaara, it's gonna be something!
1/16 c23 Itack23
I'm starting to feel the hype of the incoming battles! I'm sure it's gonna be good!
1/15 c20 Itack23
I wonder... Would it be possible to have several clones doing the seal to hurry the process? Maybe, maybe not... I wonder if you'll speak of this possibility
1/15 c19 Itack23
Really, I love the joking around from Ino, and I can almost see Temten ribbing him from now on about that x)
The question is: what will happen when it won't be jokin anymore?
1/14 c83 Phazer12
Nice chapter.
1/14 c18 Itack23
The hint didn't seemed that difficult, but oh well...
Fight undergroud? Sounds dangerous
1/14 c17 Itack23
Very interesting test for the first exam, exactly something that I'd imagine Ibiki do, for real
The sealing the clones wasn't something I thought of, with reason it seems with the reactions of Naruto's clones to it
Though, the sealing could be used in some very useful ways soon enough... Sealing the sand od Gaara or something, for example?
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