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2/29 c85 7UVBlueBerns
Loved this chapter, can't wait to get more into the war! I've been reading this since the beginning and I hope you're going to finish it!
2/22 c85 Kingofsenju
How strong is Naruto now
2/15 c6 Constant Reader
As everyone has already pointed out, making Naruto smoke beyond the one off joke is pretty lame. Gives the story a real amateurish feel since it is clearly your own idea of cool and not something he'd do. He's taking things seriously enough to stop pranking and getting into fights but is fine sabotaging himself with cigarettes? And that tax, I mean, you brought it up as a reason he wouldn't want to smoke, and then he's just buying them and smoking them anyway. That's inconsistent even just in this one chapter. Maybe Asuma is fine with it because of the fox's regeneration, but A: it's never shown that he knows about that and B: Naruto doesn't know he's sealed in him. It's obvious you just thought this would be cool (making you a victim of advertising), but unlike Shikamaru who takes up the practice years later and as his own private way to remember his dead sensei, Naruto's new bad habit is without narrative weight or significance and illogical to boot.

In a similar vein, using real world references repeatedly is also taking me out of the story. It's just you the author quoting pop culture lines trying to pass them off as your own. What next? Loving the smell of napalm in the morning on fire jutsu usage? Muttering 'Get some' over and over while throwing kunai? The characters haven't seen those movies so it comes off as you trying to steal those lines at worst and, at best, as you driving your elbow into us readers and going 'Eh? Eh? Get it, remember when they said that in the move?' at best. This fic has so much going for it (and a word count over ONE MILLION), so I'll stay with it for now, but this chapter could probably be rewritten if you ever decide to give this beast a rewrite.
2/16 c7 Shameful-Lurker
Be me
Training to walk on water (nbd)
Clothes getting soaked

Strip to my boxers (ramen cup pattern ftw)
Some lady watching me thinks she sees a tattoo on my stomach
Wouldn't know, train for five hours that day and never once look down at my feet because based
MFW I train more or less like this every day and never once notice my tummy tat
In other
Crossed my eyes for the first time today
Holy shit, I have a nose in the middle of my face!
Genius discovery made, world unlikely to ever be the same
2/11 c85 Cody
He man you alright? You seem to have disappeared and while I want you to prioritize your mental health, private life and etc. I also reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to see this banger of a story finished. Maybe see if you can find some time to write a little bit here and there? Just try and stay sane and healthy while doing it.
2/10 c85 2Catalystx
im gonna be honest this is the definitive version of Naruto, it fixes all of the plotholes, it keeps the power scaling and power creep balanced meaning we see progression but we dont have any massive barely explainable leaps in power, the fights are Handled way better and dont just switch half way through the story to "my Jutsu is bigger than your's" fights the fights actually use strategy, it actually well built up ships, Sasuke isn't an emo cringelord and Naruto isn't chasing him around the globe for little more reason than Sakura likes Sasuke and Naruto was friendly with Sasuke for like a couple months like in the original story, Shikamaru and Naruto's friendship is handled perfectly rather than being left to oh Shikamaru and Naruto went on a few missions together and now Shikamaru and Naruto randomly became good friemds during the blank period between the last and Boruto, and i like how the Kyuubi and Naruto's backstory as a whole are built up better here we dont just randomly get Naruto's parents thrown at us like a brick during the Pain ark near the end of the story, in this Fanfic Naruto's lineage is built up and explored throughout the entire story and he even uses his clan techniques, anyways critique about how much better this version of Naruto is than the OG, Thanks for writing us this amazing fanfic for the past 10 years hope we get an update sooner rather than later this time so i don't have to drop the fic for two years and re read it again just to have a few more chapters but i guess as a fellow fanfic writer i can understand that it is kinda hard to keep up with writing out 10,000 word chapters and churning them out every few months for free while doing all the other adult stuff you have to do especially when you basically end up turning the fanfic so hard off of script that you end up writing pretty much everything from scratch like you did
2/1 c85 Guest
que pasa despues que esta buenisio el fanfic
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
httpsdiscord. gg/aCtqGer5
1/20 c85 Meemo
Canon Naruto’s war arc was such a waste. This war arc is everything I was hoping it would be. A real battle between real people with a proper purpose and motivation. So excited to see more of it.
1/11 c1 10Sagemodeman
Listened to this for 57 chapters, I'm done. Skipped forward 20 and 30 chapters to find ostensibly no rhyme or reason to waste further time on plot that gives little reason to listen. By 57 Author saves a 3rd tier opponent but kills off 2nd and 1st tier side characters, leaving the main antagonists intact and little reason for it.

Sure everyone can have their own take, but this fiction makes less and less sense the further its gone.
12/31/2023 c85 Stalent
I didn't believe i could enjoy another fic that's not from omnipresent sage, but then again you have always been a legend in the game.
Wonderful story, just wished you updated faster
12/31/2023 c14 KrishnaSharnam
Your fights designs are rediculous. story ideas good.
12/27/2023 c1 Danish boy123
Is this a naruino fanfic?
12/26/2023 c85 6C. S. Tolkien
There it was an update to the story and I not realise that it was? Maybe you write to slow, and I miss the updates, but the Forth Shinobi War is beginning slowly I see, nice jab of "Maybe you have seen from the Uzumaki Clan and you didn't known it" after Naruto battle with Pain.

I am surprise that Boruto had lasted as long at it did, I not known if the story have ended or it was cancelled, even if the story have much potential I think that the author ruined it by beginning in media ress, you never began a story in media ress if you no known how it would end.
12/26/2023 c85 1nighttime.reveries
Some of these other comments are baffling. I'm always left wanting more kenchi, thanks again. perhaps my favourite fanfic of all time.
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