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1h c2 UnknownWolfLover0427
omg I love how you introduced Tenten in here. most people just put something along the lines that says she's basically useless or they don't even go into detail of how awesome her strengths are but you introduced her so cool
1/26 c1 BingeReader455
Really enjoyed this story having naruto on team 10 really opened up a different way for naruto and sasuke to interact I read this story over the past few days loved it keep up the great work
1/26 c77 Katt31257
This story is going extremely well without needing the scenes with Ino in them. Seriously. That's a whole cringe fest right there man. Or girl. Whatever you identify as. Pairings ruin stories, especially forced ones like this
1/24 c81 Unknown
Finally caught up! All of this is great and I've skipped far too much sleep reading it
1/22 c11 Guest
Jesus land of waves arc was ridiculously long
1/17 c6 GarfieldJL
My one complaint is Naruto getting hooked on smoking, for starters he has a sensitive nose which would make it rather hard for him to be around cigarette smoke. Second of all, I don't think it is a habit that Kurama would put up with. Third, given his budgetary concerns, it is not a habit that he can keep up financially.

I really like this story, but the smoking is my one pet-peeve with the story (could be partially due to the fact my dad was a smoker and it took him having a heart-attack to get him to stop).
1/15 c1 a potato
Good stuff1 :)
1/15 c81 a potato
this is very interesting with lots of good adjectives
1/16 c43 Sarthak Patidar
did naruto learn rasengan
1/16 c36 Sarthak Patidar
he learnt sealing for nothing he just used it once in chunin exam and got his ass kicked
man you made naruto too weak
i think without kyubi he cant even beat kiba
1/16 c36 Sarthak Patidar
man you made naruto too weak at this time in origionals he learnt summoning and rasengam without becoming a chunin
1/16 c81 3Robthekiwi121
Ahhhhhhhhh I need the next chapterrr
1/16 c3 Katt31257
I know it was long decided about Ino but why are authors so obsessed with having Naruto take sh!t from people who are assholes towards him? Especially someone like Ino. And I swear I'm gonna stop reading if this is one of those Naruto fics where he's always explaining himself to just about everyone and is forever giving speeches
1/16 c33 Sarthak Patidar
really he is jinjuriki and you are trying to send him to protect diamiyo when he can go berserk and harm others
and do you really think akatsuki will not attack diamiyo.

they are 10 s class shinobi if they can give a run for great ninja village together
1/16 c31 Sarthak Patidar
wtf man you didnt even let him learn summoning jutsu the main reason gaara change because naruto defeated him
in origionals naruto was beating people in chunin exam and here he is just running away
and he fucking didnt learn summoning jutsu with it he could easily defeat fuu and defeat gaara like original
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