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12/18/2010 c1 15Pernicia
Mark was right about being the one to survive in "Goodbye Love." Unfortunately, so was Roger in saying, "Poor baby," only, not sarcastically.

I love the way you did the dialogue because it emphasizes that Mark's alone, or he will be someday soon. I like his character ns this- a mix of ironic nature, bitter humor, depression, and melodrama. It reminds me of "Halloween."

The references to the musical were a nice touch, like the candle and Life Support. Seems like everything's dying away that is RENT. Everything but Mark.

Okay, this is just too beautifully tragic for me not to favorite.
12/16/2010 c1 37Angelic Prophecy
Oh Mark, you break my heart sometimes...

This was FABULOUS. I love it. I really love your style, the way you write the characters. You seem to have the personalities down pretty good. You're a great writer, keep it up! Your work in this fandom is especially good and I can't wait to see more from you!

-AP (Michelle)

PS: "Mr Negative 'cause he's HIV positive..." This made me smile like you can't believe, love to see people using these little references for some reason. :P
12/15/2010 c1 4StarkidRiddle
One word: Genius. I really love this one. I would love to read more about just Mark and his camera. Thank you.
12/15/2010 c1 8Narusakufan101
wow... just...wow this story is very well written and very sad

i loved every second of it,keep it up :D

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