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12/28/2010 c3 2BrazeRancor
So how did the suits steer? Venting gel?

Was a pretty cool chapter. Though some of the sentences seemed a little disjointed;

'"Seems like you've been pretty busy lately. Well, we all have." He leaned forwards.'

Should probably switch 'Well, we all have.' and 'He leaned Forwards' around.
12/28/2010 c3 12obsessivereader95
ahhh!more please!love the look of your plot right now.please update soon!
12/28/2010 c3 Al Capwnage
nice, this is one of the more interesting fanfictions I have come across. thanks for writing this fablous story! i really want to see who the big bad villan is now! Thank you! MERRY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY!
12/27/2010 c2 ooo
awesome, can't wait until next chapter
12/24/2010 c2 3cyanicism
Ugh! Seriously? Damn you and your cliffies! No, seriously, good job! Action-packed, seat-of-the-pants adventures... gotta love that ktw18!
12/23/2010 c2 friend of True-Violence
nice cliff hanger, cant wait to read the next chapter :)
12/23/2010 c2 4ghostsaliensteletubbiesohmy


but i hate how i have to wait...

as long as the next chapter is good then i can wait :)
12/23/2010 c2 bartholamew jones
oh the Horror! noooooooo! not the cliffies!
12/22/2010 c2 Artemis Fowl Lover
You know me you love and i'm back and better than ever anyways i love 'The Storm' and can't wait for you to update and i would have foaly save them at the last minute as alway or Arty that would be a plot twist like major anyways gtg ttyl

Peace,Love,and Artemis Fowl

12/22/2010 c2 rainbowmouse
Roar roar roar rant rant rant now I'm going to have to look every day to see if you posted a new chapter...

Actually I'm out of state for Christmas and can't even get on almost every day. Less stress and more presents :D

Well, thanks for the review and have a happy Christmas!
12/22/2010 c2 2BrazeRancor
Good thing thst suit is sealed, otherwise she'd have ruptured her eardrums.
12/22/2010 c2 krevLL
Why! Kill everyone off eh? XD you're right though, you are evil with your cliffies. I'm trying to imagine how you're gonna get Holly and Trouble out of that one..

Hope you're being honest about updating within 7 days XD.

Merry Christmas!
12/22/2010 c1 13rosepetals98
Eek! Cliffhanger! And Foaly ruffling Arty's hair? That's interesting. I love it so far. It's very suspenseful and it has a lot of potential. Keep updating!
12/22/2010 c2 Alan
Nice. Please update
12/21/2010 c1 5mischievous101
Can't wait for more!

It shows a ton of potential. As long as you know how to use it...but seeing as how you pulled off the other fic almost-perfectly, you should be able to do this flawlessly!

I shall be waiting... -_-*

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