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10/6/2012 c22 Sleekpelt
Finally a stroke of good luck!
By the way I was up till 1:28 reading this.
9/20/2012 c22 6Falling without You
Yes! they will succeed and change the future by changing the past and yeah...(confusing myself now) keep writing let the psychopath be stopped! keep writing you amazing writer you!
Falling without You
9/14/2012 c22 M
noooooooooooooooooooooo! you just had to end it right there, letting them get so close to success! please continue writting becuase i am hooked into this story. i am as hooked in as i was in the first one come on please keep writing! *on hands and knees* pleaseeeeeee? oh and i have a question, is Opal going back in time (to the present) with them or is she staying there? (becuase i dont think they want 3 Opal Kobi's running around). so i guess the point i am trying to get across is that this story is amazing the chapers you called crappy were really good to so (please) hurry up and update!
a visitor to the sight
Artemis Fowl forever!
6/24/2012 c22 FowlFanGirl
You Have Disappeared... WHY! carry on also Holly should get over herself Artemis is...


! lolz
4/17/2012 c22 Ludostar
Wow...just wow. Well done with this fiction! It's very Colfer-esque and brilliant! Please finish this, it's one of the very small handful of Artemis Fowl fictions that are good quality! I hope to see this updated soon. :) My compliments to your well thought out story idea and the writing style.
4/7/2012 c22 BookWormy
yes, i am reviewing again, just to politely plead with you to update HURRY! You know it's been 167 days since your last update... just saying :)
4/6/2012 c22 BookWormy
Hurry and update dont be distracted PLEASE really good btw :)
3/31/2012 c22 2michiyo-senpai
Please don't abandon this fic, it's to good for that. So please please update soon ^_^

I really want to know what will happen next
3/3/2012 c20 Tenshi o Kinshi
This is a great fic, but if they don't get back together soon, I'll stop reading.
3/2/2012 c22 Cassie
This is such a good fic please don't let it die! You said you wouldn't let it die! Please don't let it die! PLEASE!
2/27/2012 c22 Caskett993
Please, please, don't stop this Fanfiction, I love it ç_ç
2/26/2012 c22 CryingCicada
I hope you do end up updating this again, it would be a shame to see a good fic die.
1/31/2012 c5 supercomputer
ur writing is getting better
1/2/2012 c22 A. Thorn
Loving all the chapters! I noticed you havent updated in a while, I hope you do so soon, it's always nice to read your work.p
12/24/2011 c22 twigggy
So, friendly not-so-psychotic Opal and perfected cloning? There is no way that is not getting exploited the hell out of, sending back a cloned Opal and allowing the real deal to remain as an ally.

Anyway, please update sometime between now and 2013, unlike 95% of fanfics this one is actually good.
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