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for Another Drago Christmas

12/17/2010 c1 96Blackbird
Hey dude thanks for the dedication. I'm touched. Though I'm not sure my patience would be coutned as "saintly". Still thanks and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

At least a little more merry than Shego had in this story. Man that completely sucks for her to go through all that trouble of setting aside that Gurgy only to have a stupid time travelling cyber-dino roast it. But at least he was kind enough to help her find a replacement gift for little Agni. How *nice* of him. *evil grin*

Speaking of the girl herself, I still can't get over who cute little Agni is. I'm sure she'd kill me if she ever heard that but it's so damn true. Especailly that scene with the Mall Santa. Such a precousious little scamp. Though it's obviously he didn't forget that little incident given the bit in the last scene. Which was great by the way. I laughed quite hearitly at that one. Probably terrified all those children around him too. Still it could be worse, that Santa *could* have been visited by Charlie. We both know how THAT went.

Though soon it won't matter because as we all know Santa has no place in the Zodian People's Republic of Huston. KNEEEEEEEL!
12/16/2010 c1 4Deaku
Well that was an enjoyable look into the past, it's nice to see some of the good times they had back then. Quite a few parts made me smile or laugh; but some of my faves were the dinner scene and the present Shego gave Agni. Good to finally see Anya and Dyno-Saur in a story too.
12/16/2010 c1 21Alexander - Godslayer
A part of me kinda expected something different from “Drago Xmas II”, but let’s not look a gift Gurgy in the mouth (if it has one. XD)

Now, I got two slight complains about this which I’d rather get out of the way before anything else. The first being something about the narrative. It’s just… annoying how often the narration switches from a present event, to mention something related to another character, or to an event of the past. It’s just really distracting and a couple of times I lose notion of what scene I’m supposed to be following. This is particularly prominent at the very start of the story, becoming much less prominent as it went on, thankfully. But just thought I may tell you, it may be useful to try to keep the scenes more “focused”. Not that you can’t try to add stuff like those references or trivial mentions. After all, as it was referred at one point in this story, it’s the little things that can make something special and joyful. Just… not so MANY around one single scene, please? ^^U

My other complain is that… it was painfully predictable ^^U. Though this MAY not count as it might be just me, but because of remembering something Eor once said that Agni did to Santa Claus, plus the fic’s summary mentioning “and a dinosaur” is just a dead giveaway for anyone that is either more into the SSBC universe than what the fic gives, or is damn good at paying close attention to details. Consequently, then… the surprises were not nonexistent, but certainly fewer for me in this case. Plus, when does someone write SO much about a character’s plans unless things are NOT going that way? ^^U

But! That aside, it was certainly heartwarming and I lost count of how many times reading about a three years old Agni brought a smile to my face ^_^. It all has this back-in-the-mind feeling of tragedy because the readers knows this happiness is not gonna last for much longer (like you said, WHEN are prequels NOT tragic? ^^U), but that just makes the specialness of the moment all the more precious.

One of the things I was surprised about was to read about Anya. Though I gotta say I’m certainly surprised at how young she is, kinda expected her at least five years older in the current setting. That aside, you’re honestly making a very good work at her characterization, even in as little as we’ve seen of her in this one-shot. Keep that good work up. ^_^

Another surprise – and likely the biggest – was the flash-forward at the end that hell, even stands AFTER the current events in SSBC and features the currently best known incarnation of Agni! Talk about a preview! I even caught a slight mention of Joss right there, you sneaky lil’ tease! XD

So we don’t only get to appreciate Agni’s cuteness as a three-years old up and including her own puppy dog pout, but also a bit more of our dear Drago girl. Christmas gifts hardly get any better than this! ^o^

That aside, anything else I didn’t mention about is, well, while perhaps not so special for me since it didn’t warrant a mention, perfectly okay on itself as it doesn’t warrant any complain.

So to summarize my review. Pretty good, but it feels rather “overworked” in a few areas. More so at the start (which I theorize, might be because of you revisiting that part more than any other). Pretty nice Xmas gift and I can only hope my will live up to it.

Thanks for such a wonderful present, and see you later!

Yours, “Remind me of P on our next chat” Alexander/Alexlayer

Arrivederci! ^^

PD: My dear Raptor, website’s technicality’s aside, a “Yay First Review!” can’t possibly count as a legitime review. ^^U
12/16/2010 c1 90eoraptor
Yay First Review!

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