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9/25/2015 c11 Guest
I would prefer the first one, starting a new with a clear head and a fresh idea on where you're gonna take it. But please update a chapter on this story to let people know your decision!
Yui xxx
3/27/2012 c11 1bad demon
please continue this story
3/27/2012 c10 bad demon
update soon
3/27/2012 c9 bad demon
3/27/2012 c8 bad demon
3/27/2012 c7 bad demon
3/27/2012 c6 bad demon
3/27/2012 c5 bad demon
just great
3/27/2012 c4 bad demon
love it
3/27/2012 c3 bad demon
like it
3/27/2012 c2 bad demon
3/27/2012 c1 bad demon
12/28/2011 c11 Nayeli Zyanya
I would say either; leave this story up, and make a better version of it, or Delete it and start the story fresh. but those two sound the best to me.
12/25/2011 c11 ReadingRainHoee
Well considering your ways of portraying the matters or feelings at hand you should possibly go with the first option. Not to be mean, but to consider what your struggling with and the views of other people. You are an amazing writter, person, and friend. Hope you can get back to us with the Vampire Knight story. And thank you for listening to us readers complain about "we have to wait?" or us writters whining about how something seems to "gay" or "too perfect". All in all, thank you.

You friend ((hopefully)),

Sesity Flynn
12/25/2011 c11 aegyosonyu
I think you should ask alot of people for help or update with newer revision!;)
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