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for The War of Tomes

12/20/2010 c1 4motordog
motordog, here...

Just wanted to point out that, for my story at least, I've changed the mamodo battle cycle from 1,000 years to 100 years. Another of those changes I mentioned I was implamenting...I actually ment to point out any glaring alterations I made, so my apologies! Thanks!
12/20/2010 c2 4BetaWriter
Hmm, church heads getting into this, sounds like a -hell- of a twist. But, bad puns aside, it was pretty shocking to see people like that getting involved. Oh, and one more thing, the battle usually occurs every 1000 years, not 100.
12/20/2010 c1 BetaWriter
Holy...this story is written so well! And the changes actually make a lot of sense, 333's a big number, but with the tracking and counter, added with the probability of a curtain amount of mamodo being in one area, it works out well.

One major question though, accepting OC's? I'm not sure if you plan on making this one, but it's kinda something that would be nice to specify.
12/20/2010 c1 3thatguy3331
The way you give details to the characters and invornment i AMAZING! I can't wait to see how you really start the story!

12/19/2010 c1 3stevethemime
Nice writing man, I'll be sure to keep an eye on this story.
Good luck, and have fun!
Mime out.

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