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for As Long As You're Mine

10/25/2018 c1 Guest
So, I really love this story. Actually, it's my favorite Wicked fic. I was wondering if you could write another version of this from Fiyero's perspective? I think it would be interesting to see what was going through his mind during this. I don't know if you still read reviews for this story, but if you'd write that is definitely something I'd read.
9/5/2017 c7 Guest
Whaaat? Noo, you can't end it like that! What even? I was really hoping for more 3 No I have to believe Elphaba found a way to save Fiyero because NO WAY he ended up a scarecrow in this lovely verse as well.

I loved it. Characterisation is, I think, on point. Elphana was maybe a teeny tiny bit too angsty, cause she hasn't seen Glinda in so long and appeared to be less heartbroken about taking Fiyero, but I think the guilt and desperation are very believable. Also, the hint of condescending when Fiyero disobeys her orders, is funny. Because, yes, she is the wicked witch of the west and she EARNED that tittle! I always picture her a little bit more afraid of intimacy, but at the same time, ALAYM is about the desperation and making every moment last, so the love scene was enjoyable. And I LOVED Broomstick! 100% agree that inanimate objects get a character when spelled alive, and I loved his grumpy disposition and the friendship with Elphie. Loved the way Elphie didn't want Fiyero to notice her talking with it. I really wanted to read more, lovely writer of this lovely story, read how you thought it might have turned out. Thank you, for this!
7/16/2013 c1 1Anearin
Sigh, I wish there were sequels to this :). I loved it!

3/10/2013 c7 1Shrilaraune
3/10/2013 c3 Shrilaraune
I usually wait until I have finished a completed fanfiction to review, but this tale will be one of a few exceptions I make in that regard. This-your prose-is utterly astonishing. I haven't been so taken with a story in a long time. I look forward to reading through more of your writing.
2/28/2013 c7 86Ultimate Queen of Cliffies
This was so wonderful! Really, I swear! The best ALAYM scene I've ever read. I love the way you write, you're a really good author! Loved this!
10/8/2012 c6 tina
Oh my god! i loved this!
6/7/2012 c7 22HollyBush
This is just...Oh my...

Without a single doubt the best ALAYM fic on the site and one of the best in general. I've said this before, I think but your characterisation is just flawless. It's flawless!

I'm completely enamoured with this fic and with your writing style.

Amazing. Wow. I am running out of adjectives here.

Please do not stop writing Fiyeraba. The world will be a sadder place for it.

Thank you for tugging at my heartstrings tonight in ways even the musical couldn't!

3/2/2012 c7 13RavenclawRebel
Oh, this story was beyond amazing. I was enthralled! I sense a sequel in the works? Please? :D
2/27/2012 c7 2PrincessOfOz
OMG this story is amazing! it is defintely one of my favorites in this site. never stop writing!
1/16/2012 c7 30elphabaoftheopera
It took me so long to review this!

All crickets aside, this is what I've been needing! This was beautiful writing, the classic style that I've gotten so used to when reading your stories. I love your writing style. A lot.

There goodbyes were so incredibly sweet and touching and I actually felt my heart leap, literally. I hate knowing what happens next to them.

I have closure now, that is good. Never stop writing Fiyerba. You have a gift. And your fans have an addiction!

1/11/2012 c6 15Beautifully Tragic Girl
...and we all knows what happens after that. First off...HOLY SHIZ, sanctified excrement. I have no idea why I haven't read this yet it reviewed it because it is amazing. You're characterisations are perfect and Fiyero is just so endearing towards Elphaba. Your portrayal of Elphaba does seem to be more in character than that in the musical, as much as I love ALAYM, Elphaba's reaction to him running off with her always seemed a tad OOC. Elphaba's actions seem more realistic for someone of her calibre and I loved the beginning chapters when she had the moral dilemma on her hands.

But it was a gorgeous story and so beautifully written. I hope you write more like this soon. It was just so wonderful, words cannot describe it (in a totally good way though). Oh, and after morning conversations aren't that awkward to write, I mean jo offence by this, but walking in on our cousin and her boyfriend...well...interesting and writing M rated scenes (shudders)...that made no sense. Oh well.

Have a nice day! Happy writings. Sorry for the essay.

Beautifully Tragic


1/2/2012 c7 6Wicked Is My Life
I didn't even know this story wasn't finished! It was a great finale to the best ALAYM ever written. Seriously. I loved how much detail you put into the house flying through the sky part. Elphaba's thoughts were great, wonderful job!
1/1/2012 c7 23darkgemwildcat
Yay! Ur alive! Great work! And happy new year!
1/1/2012 c7 65deeplyshallow

Well I'm still here even if it's just me and the crickets (and I'm willing to bet it's not). And don't stress too much about late updates - I'm finding it hard to believe it's been over a year since you started this - I've barely registered that we were in 2011 and now it's over. Anyway beautiful as always but this one was hauntingly sad as we know what's going to happen to poor Elphaba and Fiyero.

Congrats on finishing the most ridiculously long alaym scene ever, it's been a pleasure to read :)
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