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for The Haunted House of Jimmy Kudo

3/4/2011 c10 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapters.
3/3/2011 c10 7Mysteryfan17
Oh, boy...with Gin there...and no doubt Kid is going to pull a repeat performance as Kudo (not that Harley will approve, or really keep it to himself, considering he still calls Conan 'Kudo' without a 'correction'. This just keeps getting better and better...in that the story is getting more interesting with the added twists, and yet those same twists make you want to smack your head and say 'what else can go wrong?' You will no doubt make it even worse before it gets better, how...I'm not 100% sure, but I am sure you will. Keep it up.
3/3/2011 c9 SarahLikesCookies

1/25/2011 c8 SarahLikesCookies
hehehe brought Gin in there now did ya ? ;)

1/25/2011 c8 James Birdsong
Awesome :)
1/25/2011 c8 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter.
1/25/2011 c8 nobody10901
Wow! This is great! The characters are perfect and the chapters are short but sweet! So cute! Oh boy! A dead body in his attic? Somehow, that doesn't surprise me! XD Ooh, and Gin just happened to be walking by! Can't wait to see how this will turn out! UPDATE SOON! Arigato~
12/29/2010 c7 Mysteryfan17
Wow...I start reading and the first...pause? I guess, that I have is a dead body in Jimmy's attic. In true Case Closed fashion Harley is hauled away by Rachel prior to the discovery...leaving Conan with the three kids and a corpse. The chapters are short, but that is understandable (my first few chapters were short too) and the story is interesting all the same. Harley using the bow tie was sneaky...but he would do it. Please continue this.
12/29/2010 c7 SarahLikesCookies

12/23/2010 c5 4Moonblaze335

Its so funny! I'm like crying right now from laughing! XD

Guess what.




12/22/2010 c1 1Darkberry-Dragonkit
I watch Case Closed, not Detective Conan. I know some of the Japanese names (Ran Conan, Shinichi, and Heiji), but not all of them. That's why I use the English names.
12/21/2010 c1 annonymus
you know, if the charcter names are original jap names, it would be a bit asier to understand, but that is just my opinion. keep up the good work
12/21/2010 c4 Aaron Leach
Awesome story.
12/21/2010 c3 2pres1111
lolz. nice! keep up the good work!
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