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for Secrets of the Soul

8/10/2013 c24 gurpzzz
i google random stuff all the time and im 12
3/7/2013 c29 9706756
I think u should still upload the chapters. Love the story so far, and don't want u to give up on it.
12/25/2012 c29 4truesoul10
P.S. I have a syndrom called 'you-can-upload-any-day-now-itis'
1/18/2012 c28 2GallagherGirl530
Love it
1/17/2012 c16 kindle user
try saying good eye migt in the way everyone thiks the britsh speek. but they certanly DONT.

p.s. i should know ive lived in england all my life

p.p.s this story reinds me of another book just less complex with fewer deths and no vampyrs! :) (vampyr is the weird way i spell vampire)

p.p.p.s its HARD to type on a kindle
1/15/2012 c29 Nisa12
PLEASE dont give up on this story!
1/15/2012 c7 Nisa12
Nick for Macy and Jonas's last name is Anderson
1/15/2012 c29 Guest
whoa. I'm so sorry about your friend. I'm kinda depressed too, because I was put on the waiting list, for this really nice school. I've been crying and punching things everywhere I go...:'( maybe you could buy a shitload of monster, load it in her backpack, and explode it when they get onto the terminal. POOF. she can't go. :)
1/15/2012 c29 1Mary Kenson
Please keep going with this I think what you've done so far is really good and you just need to keep going and the plot will come back to you!
1/15/2012 c29 Random Reader

My best friend moved to the western sea board, while I live on the east coast of the u.s. So I get what you are going through. Alot of begging pleading and tears won't get you very far, aside from the almost probable promise of a trip to visit. What my friend and I do is just email or hav a huge telephone conversation at the end of the week to share what happened so we both still feel like we are part of the others lives. Along with that we text sporadically throughout the week.

Good luck to u a nd your friend.
1/15/2012 c29 2000
Tell her family about your friendship and if that doesn't work list the reasons that she can't go
1/15/2012 c29 2000
Tell her family about your friendship and if that doesn't work list the reasons that she can't go
1/15/2012 c29 2Goode Foreva
add the new chapter, :) im sure it'll be good
1/15/2012 c29 girltalk138
awww.. well my friend moved back to italy last year...i dont know if you can actually make her stay cuz its really her parents choice...but you could always video chat...take a vacation there too...or if your really really good friends...i guess she can live with room mates...

wel about your story...maybe if you really like the idea, you could start another a totally new story cuz its already been a long time and i dont even remember a vague summary of the plot (not meant to be offensive)...

well yea...thats what i think but you could do whatever you want :D
1/15/2012 c29 FALLENANGEL
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