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for In Memory of the Silmarils

8/24/2020 c4 Guest
It capture Feanor's character
12/8/2018 c4 9TheDarkLordofDoom
Ah, I do love my acrostic poems. The ones about Fëanor and Morgoth were my favourites. 'Might arises to sing its own song, Order to Chaos and right turned to wrong' is possibly my favourite line.

The Silmaril poem perfectly captured their role on Arda, so beautiful- yet bringers of woe.

My one criticism is that Fëanor has an umlaut(or its quenya equivalent) on the ë. I believe it would have been a little more fitting had you used some elvish there, but then again, it is extremely difficult to write these poems.

My other criticism is that there is naught for Námo (how terrible!) but that isn't really a criticism, is it? The rest was wonderful.
12/21/2014 c4 Deleted Account Pending Remove
Whoa. That reminded me of what to expect from you, fast! No simplistic name-letter-words here; this is complex, intricate and dark, yet strangely beautiful. It feels like glints of fire and heat sparking from among the words here and tere, like seeing angry Silmarils in the dark. Beautiful work, and all in quite a bit of brevity for its intricacy.
7/7/2012 c3 7Fortune Zyne
This was awesome! Well done!
3/19/2011 c2 420Aria Breuer
This poem was a good read. I must admit I didn't find any mistakes in this poem and I can vaguely remember reading 'The Silmarillion' and reaching the part about Beren and Luthien finding the Silmarils.

Nice job. I enjoyed reading it, but I also thought about Beren's side of the story. You could write an acrostic on Beren or any of the characters in the Silmarillion, but you don't have to follow any ideas I come up with. The decision is entirely up to you, since these are your poems.
2/19/2011 c1 Aria Breuer
This acrostic is good, same as In Honor of LOTR poems. You could also write acrostic poems for The Hobbit as well.

I noticed in this poem the "And" needs to be taken out and replaced with "A". Also, I thought the "now" below this sentence should also be taken out, but a few times "now" could be left where it is.

I hope this helps.
12/22/2010 c1 17InkWeaverabc
cool. I don't think I apreciated this fully as it has been a while since I read the Simarillion and I have forgotten a lot of the story of the Simarils.

But good anyway :)

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