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for Seeing Bella

9/10 c50 Patriciadiane
love this chapter love the love
9/10 c48 Patriciadiane
9/9 c47 Patriciadiane
Love the twists and turns
9/9 c45 Patriciadiane
Poor Charlie
9/9 c44 Patriciadiane
Laurent stayed true to his beliefs.
9/8 c42 Patriciadiane
Curious how going back to school will be.
9/8 c41 Patriciadiane
These two are so special
9/8 c40 Patriciadiane
Alice did an amazing job and the song by Josh Goban made me smile and cry. Carlisle and Charlie both outdid themselves on the father's speeches.
9/7 c38 Patriciadiane
Charlie is such a great dad
9/7 c37 Patriciadiane
Bella really stood up to Renee and I loved it.
9/7 c36 Patriciadiane
Love the tradition that the Cullen's shared
9/7 c35 Patriciadiane
Renee...that says it all
9/7 c34 Patriciadiane
Wonderful Thannksgiving
9/7 c33 Patriciadiane
love Edward and Charlie time
9/6 c31 Patriciadiane
Yeah, Charlie finally woke up. Billy is really so annoying.
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