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for The Mystery of the Clasped Watchband

7/16/2020 c6 12friendrat
I'm calling now that pandora is gonna be used to cure shortness. Oh, I wish they would do that for real!
2/15/2018 c1 Brianna
I do NOT appreciate you killing off Joe
11/14/2015 c7 4EverThePhantom
I didn't know what to expect coming into this (Nancy making a fool of herself or nancy outsmarting all the other geniuses) and I don't particularly like Nancy as a character (I thought she was more impulsive in the books that Hattori ever was) but I still enjoyed this because the plot was interesting and fresh. And the writing style was good.

In the middle scene that you didn't like in chapter 6, I was totally on Shinichi's side. I was getting annoyed at Nancy's rash decisions of pulling as many people as possible into the case (I hit my lowest opinion of her when she gave Fenton Agasa's address. I know she was mad, but what a STUPID thing to do...). Anyway, I laughed when Joe asks why Frank is small as Nancy's doing damage control on Frank, and I soon forgot my annoyance at Nancy as the plot progressed D

I think this would be awesome with a sequel about the Gosho Boys working together (Hakuba would figure things out soon enough) with minor recurrence of the Americans, but it's okay as it is, too. We figure that they team up an eventually take down the Organization and Snake's crew, and the place you ended the Nancy-central part was a good choice.
5/14/2013 c7 1Another Asian Kid
I really like this fic. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys reminds me of my previous school, and when there's a book fair, I always read those two. I was kind of annoyed with Conan's personality here, being manipulative and all, but I still love him. I loved him since I was the same age as him. Which is like, 6 years ago? XDDD Why do people in DC not grow old?

And I also know that feeling. Hadn't really posted one but I never finish a chaptered fic, so I go with drabbles first. Though I have no stories posted yet, probably, I'll post a DC one in the future. Just hope I could finish it!

I was like 'Why did you kill off Joe?' on the early parts, so yeah, I'm thankful for Kaito that he put him back to life, with some help with Akako of course. Too bad you won't write a sequel. If only I have no pride, I'll kneel in front of you and beg for it, the last sentence was confusing for my part. I guess the sequel you thought of was probably the organization take down. That hadn't really happen in this fic since the only thing that happened was that the investigation about them were shut down by authorities.

I'm actually curious of Kaito's part in this story, after all, he played a major role in the plot. Without him, the Hardys won't go to Japan. Without him, Nancy won't be brought to Japan too. Without him, Joe would have died in the hands of the Black Organization and etcetera etcetera. But, does that mean Aoko and Joe are both immortal? But jidging by Aoko's graze part, Pandora only gave them a second life. The graze will be erased right away if she was immortal, right?

But otherwise, I love it. Kind of rare to see stories like this. You know, things that actually makes sense? I always read stories that are unintentionally crack, and also not funny. Keep it up!
10/21/2012 c6 6oceanlover4evr
I dunno... I mean, Nancy is a righteous bastard right now. I mean, I see where she's coming from, but she is an all-out selfish b- I mean, person. Then again, detectives aren't really known for acting cooly during the heat of action, but STLL.

Seeing Akako there wth Kaito and Pandora makes me wonder what in the world happened in his part of the story.
9/14/2012 c3 Qapleulia
That's what they call blackmail, huh?
9/14/2012 c1 Qapleulia
Nancy is NOT a Mary Sue! No offence Nan, but Mary Sues are kinda annoying sometimes. And your not. Other than that, that fanfic seems nice!
4/30/2012 c1 67TrisakAminawn
O.O You killed one Hardy Boy. Just one.

Oh, that's /evil/.
3/18/2012 c1 Spottydottyx25
Woaahhh I love this chapter it is great and I love they way you have used the characters I cant quite seem to remember but the hardy boys aren't they similar to Nancy Drew but the guys version ? But this is amazing and I cant wait to read on :)
3/4/2012 c1 26tantei no hime
NO! Joe's...Joe's...*mentally raped by gruesome image of Hardy Boys and Nancy dead* *and crying silently because my mother thinks I'm studying* *for the final exams* *tomorrow*
10/3/2011 c7 9Star1412
That was really good. I liked how everything turned out at the end. I only want to know if Shinichi ever told Ran about being Conan.
7/25/2011 c7 2SouperInsaneNinja
awwwww! why no sequel? i mean you just leave us on the edge of our seats and say 'oh, theres no sequel'? dude thats like how they ended avatar:the last airbender. anyway on a lighter note i dont know if you noticed but in chapter three you made a reference to last train to blue moon canyon when you refered to nancy as having a cheshire cat grin. also i really liked this story so i hope you decide on a sequel.
5/14/2011 c7 8Plunny.Empress
Incredible! Loved every word. ^-^ Can't wait for more of your stories. ^-^
3/5/2011 c7 2Kisuminight
Yay! You finally completed this story! Though I felt the ending was a little...dissatisfying. I guess that shows how much I like this particular fic and don't want it to end. Great job!
2/20/2011 c6 4Melondy Rose
I love this story. I also love Shinichi/Conan but now that I think on it he can be a manipulative bastard. Oh well I still love him. I think you've written this story quite well. I don't know anything about the Hardy Boys but I love the way you write them. I also don't know a whole bunch of Nancy Drew but I love the way you write her.
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