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10/30/2017 c1 FanFic Reader
To be fair, Please let us elaborate on the past events. To fully grasp the emotions the story is trying to deliver, we must have a better background of the characters, especially Mello! Things such as nationalities must come in to play! If Mello, were to say, an African, oh boy, would that be a whole other story... And as for Near, what does he/she look like? We can't imagine these characters without enough context. Imagine if Near were a guy- an emo, who's also GAY!? Now that's crossing the border! As of now, this is the first revision of my English Major Composition, so I don't have a thesis statement yet. I plan to elaborate more on this story, and I would like a continuation. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting reviews regularly, and I hope you understand how well I've received the story. Along with that, I'll be looking further into this story to look for more plot points for you to elaborate on.
10/30/2017 c1 starwax
Star wax, star wax!
Kintab ay to the max!
4/7/2012 c1 animefanatic
Nice one fren! Talagang pilipino kung magsulat eh. Haha. Kawawa naman ung maglalaba ng medyas ni Near, at nakakabobo talaga ung secret hobby niya. Haha! Tinopak talaga na emo eh.

Anyways, nice job! Ang weird tuloy ng mga tingin ng mga kamag-anak ko sa akin.
2/21/2012 c1 Nya Nya
Experienced nyo bang slide on the floor to be socks?
9/28/2011 c1 26Lii and Eii
(Aking fillipino ay masama, paumanhin!) Friend isinalin. Ito ay magandang kuwento! ^_^
9/28/2011 c1 Guest
Galing mo talaga! I usually hate NearxMello but this made me like it. I even translated this so my American friends could read it.
8/29/2011 c1 anna manalastas
wow..talagang emo. wapak dude.
2/3/2011 c1 11SoundSparrow
Like =)
1/7/2011 c1 c.c
ahaha, nakakatawa sa una pero bglang nging drama..pero okay parin, haha, prang bob-ong tlaga..


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