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2/25/2014 c1 4Black Vampire of the Night16
This is really good. though, for next time, if you rewrite this story, make Yami Yugi come out at least 2 times. I think I'd like to see Voldemort enter into a Shadow Game and lose.

Pharaoh: I would love to challenge him to one.

You're Faithful Readers,
ShadowPhantom and Pharaoh
6/16/2012 c1 2Rubellite Game
This is funny.
1/14/2012 c1 2Go Poop Your Pants XD
Koolioz just like cheerioz.
12/20/2011 c1 1Shadi Shada
This is friggin funny, it is! So much so I'm favin it. It will help when I'm not in a good mood. There's just one thing though I understand the need to use Yugi in such a way I've thought of it too. Yugi is like sunshine wraped in a rainbow and great to torture evil villians with and make angstly ppl feel uneasy with themselves. Along with other such wonderful perks. But I don't know it kinda feels like when we think of Yugi like that we're insulting him in some way, especialy when there's a whole chant about friendship being used. I guess I just like how Yugi can be unassuming and then do that whole kickass change of persona when things get serious. Good story though I'll be rereading it again.
5/2/2011 c1 4Unseene
... Kill me now! Mind bleach, need some mind bleach!
2/1/2011 c1 32TheEagerScribbler
Are you a littlekuriboh fan? You don't have to answer that. It's just, well, Yugi and super special awesome together... Anyway funny fic! I enjoyed it.
1/6/2011 c1 7Maggie-baka
Woah...this would make any villain scream and run away...
12/28/2010 c1 anonymous
7 times you mentioned the HEART OF THE CARDS!

Just saying...
12/24/2010 c1 anonymous
Heheh... this made my day!

Keep on writing!

And may the Heart of the Cards be with you!

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