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8/31/2018 c7 1brandon18
Wait but what about Michael and Menalippe...
4/21/2016 c7 7Crimson Angel Winges
I love this sieres. Thank you for giving your readers some closer. I would love it if you posted Life goes, On And, On And On.
12/31/2015 c7 Guest
I enjoyed EVERY bit of this, from "The Facts of Life" to now, Thank you for a wonderful time! (I hope it's not the time)
5/30/2015 c7 12Mersang
Since it's already been established that Father Sullivan doesn't condemn couples 'living in sin' as long as they do plan to get married, it is in my head-canon for your fan-fiction that once Katherine and Tom meet him, they have a discrete conversation and he ends up making their marriage official in the eyes of the church. Also, I'm assuming that Michael and Menalippe were the two birds brought back from Avalon, transformed by magic, and Michael's injured wing in bird form cost him his wing in gargoyle form. I appreciate this Epilogue and the answers it provides, but would definitely be interested in a continuation. "Life Goes On, And On, And On ..." indeed!
7/2/2014 c7 66purplefern
I'm sure that you've gotten this already, and that I'm probably a few years behind, but noooooo! I can't believe it's the end! I have been reading through most of your series for a while, and loving the ones I've read. Especially anything at all dealing with the mutates or the Labyrinth Clan in general. That last little scene in the last chapter with Coyote and Derek and Maggie, was awesome.(Although for a second I thought you were going the real-life/depressing route and you weren't really going to let Maggie and Derek have kids after all. Hooray for Fey Tricksters!) And Claw was absolutely ADORABLE. I'll be honest, I read over that part with Dana petting his tail at least three times.
If an "And On and On" is ever written, I'd really like to see a resolution to/for Delilah and her (future) egg (unless there already was one that I skipped over. In which case, could you tell me what story that's in?) This is not just my review of this story, really, it's also a review of the whole series. Really nice job on all of them, gave me something great to do this week of summer vacation, that's for sure.
6/23/2014 c7 hi
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do more!
11/12/2012 c7 Guest
you are one of my favorite authors i loved gargoyles tv series i am so disapointed you wont be doing gargoyles anymore but i understand i enjoyed reading all of your stories good luck with your avatar writing
8/2/2012 c7 3NyeLew
I'd be extremely interested in reading more and more about what you had planned. I've been reading this series for literally years and in many ways I've grown up with it, and I'd love to hear what you had planned! Thank you so much for actually finishing up this last story! Thanks a ton for the ride, too; it's been great.
7/2/2012 c7 Guest
Oh, please do the ramblings!
6/30/2012 c7 Guest
Fantastic. That did indeed tie up all of the loose ends. I'm sure you'll get questions about individuals and suggestions for new stories, but even if you stopped with this (please don't), most people would be satisfied. Too many writers just let their stories end without resolution. I'm happy you aren't doing that.
6/29/2012 c7 Guest
I am extremely curious about the finer details within this series (e.g. how Elisa and Goliath react when they find out she's pregnant, what the heck is going on with King Aurther, how Thailog is defeated (are Demona and Elisa involved?), ect).

I'm sorry your inspiration for this series has vanished, and I hope it returns to you someday. Your stories are utterly and completely awesome, and I shall miss finding new ones in the Gargoyle series to enjoy. You bring the characters to life in a way that hasn't been seen since the ending of the second season several years ago.

Best wishes from one lover of this show to another.

6/27/2012 c7 Blood Red Chaos
God this is so sad. Thank you sooo much for all you have writen over the years. I have been reading your fics since way back in 2001, when I discovered TGS. You are one of the few who have stuck it out for this long and for that, I thank you. But I get it to, it's has been 17 years since Gargoyles came out on TV. I would love to hear anything else you have to give us on your world. Thank you for all the fun and tears your storys have brought to me. :-)

Clear Skies, Sister

6/26/2012 c7 ShadowChild37
It's such a shame this series has come to an end but I look forward to seeing the stories you had planned had it continued. This way I can read your plot outlines and notes. Would you consider writing for shows like Tale Spin or Gummi Bears?
6/25/2012 c7 2Nightowl Writer
Wow...At first, I was rather sad to enter chapter seven and learn you were not going to write any more full Gargoyles stories, but after all that explaining and story snippets, I feel much more at ease. Thank you for the closure you've given to all your fans Kimberly, and thank you for all the work and pure creativity you've put into your wonderful series. I will definitely miss the anticipation of waiting for the next chapter or next story to emerge, but I completely understand that it would be difficult and time consuming to continue to write for a series that your heart is no longer in.

Of course, I would not say no to seeing those "And On, and On..." postings, if you were to write them. Just because I have closure now doesn't mean I wouldn't love to read more about what the characters are up to in your brilliant universe. ;) On another note, I've truly loved all of your OC characters; in my mind, they might as well be canon.

Thanks again for all the hours of wonderful reading.

Clear skies,

6/25/2012 c7 4Cyberbeta
It's sad to see you leaving your massive world you have built behind. I do understand though that it is basically a result of burnout. Your heart never left it or you would not have given us this farewell to this universe message.

Thank you for doing so. I personally will miss any new chapters and stories, but I still have you as a Favorite autjor and will be able to read the older works should I ever get Nostalgic for them.

Thank you for working so hard all this time on the world of one of the favorite cartoons during my childhood.

Clear Skies.

Cyberbeta: Logout

P.S., here is hoping you are not caught in the sudden crackdown the Admins are pullng on the site.
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