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for Christmas Eve

5/21/2016 c1 3ShadowTheUltimate7
why does this have to be so depessing:(
11/11/2014 c1 nightmare the hybrid
this made me cry well done
12/17/2013 c1 rose697
That is so sad but in a good way if you get what i mean i love the note i loved you one's i love you still just so romantic i had a tere in my eye
12/31/2011 c1 Guest
(; ̄O ̄)it's just so sad!
1/23/2011 c1 5SkysongAngelUsedToBeAWarriors
That made me cry. It has alot of emotion, and I love it. Actually I love all of your writings, but... yeah.
12/24/2010 c1 9Suki-Rose Essence
...This actually brought tears to my eyes, I'm not even kidding. Can I add this to my community, 'Christmas Stories?' I love this.

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