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for My Own Worst Enemy

1/12/2011 c2 2Melody Calls
Good. It's a little... mature about somethings I don't ... prefer. But it's fantastic anyway!

Keep it up!

I have to get back to my own writings.


Melody Calls
1/9/2011 c10 12kshadow
OMG! Lissa is finally here! This is like an epic story!
1/8/2011 c10 33SarahandBabees
I like your story so far! keep up the great work :) I look forward to your next update!
1/8/2011 c10 Katherine Westwood
Good! I loved the True Blood bit you added in to this and the last chapter! This story is PURE GENIUS!
1/8/2011 c10 1Val-n-Tina
Lissas's worst nightmare
1/8/2011 c10 2RedRoseBlackThorns
Ud xx. Lissa is here. X
1/5/2011 c9 2Kadiem02
lol loved that chapter im so sad you wont be updating soon this is by far my favorite story anyways update as soon as you can please!
1/5/2011 c9 2RedRoseBlackThorns
1/4/2011 c9 deletedaccount12121111111
i didnt get the last bit..
1/2/2011 c8 2Kadiem02
lol i love it really this story is better than i expected and i had alot of ideas in my head when i finally found a story where they were strigoi together update soon please
1/2/2011 c8 1Chelsley
OMG~ I luv the story keep up the good work!

1/2/2011 c8 2RedRoseBlackThorns
Ud. Lol come on rose xx
1/1/2011 c7 1Chelsley
OMG~ I luv the story keep up the good work!

1/1/2011 c2 HavenGirl
okay i am really sorry though but I don't really like it. But before you put me on top of your most wanted list, just listen. I really like the plot but 'm not sure weather your going off the facts in the story or not. But maybe make Rose a stronger character and idk mix it up a little and do something risky with ur wrighting.
1/1/2011 c7 2Kadiem02
dun dun dun cue the intense music ... lol love it update soon please
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