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for My Own Worst Enemy

1/1/2011 c7 2RedRoseBlackThorns
12/31/2010 c6 3AJ aka stalker
i liked it, it was...diffrent. u should make ross more of a bad ass though ... well no, i mean 4 the next mabye have her get pissed @ dimitri and destroy the (one) ring (2 rule them all... lol sorry) or somthing like that...

so PLEZEE finish soon...
12/31/2010 c6 2Kadiem02
lol i loved it so much please update soon
12/31/2010 c6 2RedRoseBlackThorns
12/31/2010 c6 1Chelsley
Great chapter! Im lovin this story!~ Update soon!

And what does 'chert' mean?
12/30/2010 c5 2Kadiem02
iv been searching forever for a story where rose let dimitri awaken her and finally i found one i freaking love it its a darker different twist to the story please update soon i love it
12/30/2010 c5 2deliciouse
I totally love this story, i love the fact that they are both Stigoi, that means if they get changed back he will not be able to give her crap about how she doesn't understand.

But i have a really big problem with the story at the moment and i was so enjoying it until you got Rose calling Dimitri DIMKA it reminds me of Tasha and it sounds wierd having Rose call him that, because she hated Tasha sying it to Dimitri, i know she is Strigoi now and its different, i just don't like her calling him that. MY LOVE would of been better or sexier or just plain Dimitri, but not DIMKA its too Tasha.
12/29/2010 c4 deletedaccount12121111111
hey this chapter is really good! I like the whole ring thing:) it's a really good story!

can't wait till you update!:) x
12/28/2010 c3 3Eliza Belikov
Awsome chapter! Please update soon!
12/28/2010 c3 deletedaccount12121111111
wait i don't get it? the spirit infused ring was with rose now? so why did she want to watch nathan die?

also it wasn't exactly very clear that rose killed galina?

and why is it underlined and in italics?

but apart from that very good plot:)
12/27/2010 c2 1Chelsley
OMG~ I luv itt~~~~~~

You must keep writing plz and thank you.

12/24/2010 c1 1Veronicat175
Wow. I like it! update soon!
12/24/2010 c1 4perkymiddle
luv it!
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