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3/25/2016 c1 eminadaisuki
can you make other one with kaito's POV?
3/17/2016 c1 5Shana-Fujioka
This was such an adorable story! I really liked it, well done! :3
4/22/2015 c1 6Kensy Echo
Oh it's a really sweet FFn. The way you write the story make me think that it's like a story telling of a classic story about a prince and a princess who meets outside the kingdom and fall in love. I don't know, but I love the idea of both of them just stare at each other without words, but they understand and Shinichi falls in love. The part when they grow a distance makes me afraid that it won't have a happy ending. However, the last part is really beautiful. I really love it, especially the last sentence. For me, it holds more meaning than what is written. It's really a sweet story :) Thank you for writing this! Keep writing!
8/24/2014 c1 6Miss Emotion
Wow this was beautiful... And so interesting and fun to read and gripping! I like the way you write :)
8/13/2012 c1 Treasure Family
I love it. Great job. I hope that you'll continue writing ShinKai pairing stories.
3/12/2012 c1 2Beizanten
very beautiful, creative, romantic and cute. So epic and really IC! You have made me fav this pairing! This is my first conan/kid ficand it is awesome. To think i had only pair conan with heiji
8/28/2011 c1 6Niwaki
how adorable and just gushing sweetness^^
4/2/2011 c1 15tess4aria
This is really beautiful and creative. Seriously, great job. So romantic with the back story and everything... I love it!
1/3/2011 c1 Kadda
aww, how cute! 333
12/29/2010 c1 8tanteigirl
beautiful, really.
12/27/2010 c1 misi-chan
woaaaah...'love this story. very good idea, very well written. I really like the way you describe their relationship. It's a shame nobody reviewed yet. sorry for my bad english, it's not my language (I really want to write more, but I don't think I'm able to).

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