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for How Draco Stole Victory

3/2/2017 c1 2Kimnd
12/11/2014 c1 41sierra.steinbrecher
You are a master at rhyming. I usually hate it when people try to do poetry because they can't, but this was excellent!
11/30/2013 c1 MySweetEscape
This was awesome! A masterful combination of two of my favorite things. Bravo!
5/5/2012 c1 6lovebites123
"..And lovebites she came and reviewed on the spot,

'I like this little fic, I like it alot!'" :D:D:D

This is brilliant! Such a good idea! One of the best Drarry fics I've read! Well done!

1/26/2012 c1 Mariposa
aaah, this was fun! i much prefer this to the memoir i still have to write XD
2/13/2011 c1 7CarysPendragon
LOL. Just, LOL.
1/17/2011 c1 OanDuress
HAHAHA! ohhh i loved it, i swear i was grinning throughout the entire poem. Great job, you just totally made my day =)
1/8/2011 c1 heya
friggin brilliant! a great take on a wonderful classic. really great. made my night, it did. :D cheers.
1/1/2011 c1 3bandgeek216
wow haha! that was amazing lol. i'm going to read that at christmas every year now lol. that was so hilarious.
12/31/2010 c1 Veneya
lol, I loved the rhyming and the plot as wellXD!
12/27/2010 c1 Anne
Amazing! It was funny. It had a story. And it rhymed! What more can a girl ask for? I'm still laughing at this part:

"He turned around fast, and he saw a small lion.

Little Ron Weasley stared in shock at the scion.

Draco had been caught by this flushed Weasley flower"

Poor Ron.

Very nice Christmas treat! Thanks.
12/26/2010 c1 Sexypyro
At first i was a little iffy about reading this story... but i must say, that was amazing. It was incredibly well written and creative. Normally i dont write review but this one way just too good to pass up. job well done... merry christmas and happy new year!
12/26/2010 c1 3xXxStarStrifexXx
Brilliant! I worry for your mental health as you debauch fairly tales but brilliant nonetheless :)
12/26/2010 c1 Krucksue
Excellent retelling!
12/25/2010 c1 mmm
I'm not exaggerating when i say i never read poems...but this was fantastic! so sweeeet :)
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