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for The Twelve Days of NEIL!

11/23/2013 c1 COTTFAN101
This is my fave Christmas Carol!
2/8/2011 c1 1XtreamEmily
This is without a doubt the most amazing little oneshot I've ever read for this fandom. Everyone was perfectly in-character, it was written quite well and the plot had a good structure and resolution. A real treasure to read. :)
1/22/2011 c1 Deleted21-06-11
Haha, cute. Neil WOULD lke it, I mean really, he'd probably be thinking "12 days of my true love giving ME presents? Bring it!"

Nice work!

Sarcastic Spirit
12/27/2010 c1 9Aussie Heroine

Lol this was great! thnx for the great Xmas storyy (even though it is techincally after Xmas, who cares) unofrtunately i could so see Neil doing this, along with both my siblings. (NOOOO!) again thnx for the great story!

Luv Aussie Heroine
12/26/2010 c1 tara
hahaha, loved it :D
12/26/2010 c1 51HoneyGoddess57
Ah... you did a story, a Christmas story. Hehe, I also think it's annoying that song. Poor guys being suffercated by Neil's singing and then to whinings? Poor them, ah very clever idea, Theresa. They all SANG together, aww... how cute.
12/25/2010 c1 Natroxz
HAHAHAHAHAHA! great story! i loved it. merry christmas

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