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6/14/2006 c8 Fantic COH charcter name
I adore reading about your charcter. Very Very good writing. I didn't even think about the possibality of doing anything like this with mine. I hope to get an update on what your charcter is doing now. Please from one player to anthor.. keep in touch with me.
1/16/2004 c8 4ShadowBakaSama
Very nice so far, but your story may get too confused if you keep using rifts. You'll have too many people from different worlds, in different worlds and have trouble bringing the story back together. I'd like a flashback about how Ranma and Akane ended up in that village too, and maybe a couple of Omake.
One weird spot, you had Kabal as a shadowrunner in Seatle not using guns, but when he gets to Japan he has guns and doesn't hesitate to use them? Where did he get the guns in Japan. and why didn't he use them in Seatle? Is he using Hidden Weapons? If so let him carry more ammo. Be Mousse the one man army, Mousse with guns, Yikes!
1/16/2004 c8 2ShadowDraconous
i remember reading this a long time ago. interesting to see how it grew. sucks about not bein able to touch pluto. curious as to who the drow is. keep em comin.
7/21/2002 c5 11Ghost in the Machine
Read it, had trouble following parts of it because I'm not that much of a Shadowrun fan. Can't understand why you brought the Senshi into this. Will gladly read the next chapter when it comes out.
5/7/2002 c3 Ran Kazeno
Damn good story! Keep up the good work!
3/26/2002 c1 Kyle

I thought this story was very good. You are a excellant writer you should publish something someone hasn't done you could really make it. Well talk to you later when you come back online.


Kyle :)
3/16/2002 c1 2Devil of the Light
I like it, you should write some more, this is an MK crossover right? And by the way, I really need someone to review my stories.

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