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for Five Times Someone Saved Party Poison

7/26/2011 c3 AvidPeep
Wow this chapter was great! I loved how excellently you portrayed their brotherly relationship :)

And sorry for spamming you with reviews (though I think you don't mind) but I just have to comment XD
7/26/2011 c2 AvidPeep
I love the friendship between Fun Ghoul and Party Poison. They're my two favorite characters :)
7/26/2011 c1 AvidPeep
awesome awesome AWESOME!
7/26/2011 c8 1Cap'n Awesome
Loved this story from the start, I'm so looking forward to the sequal. Can the fabulous killjoys be un-drac-ified or is that the end for them?
7/26/2011 c8 12screamersilent
Just like when i watched the video for "SING" I cried when Gerard got killed. And you depicted the the music video so well! It was like i was watching it, and hearing the lyrics. Im so sad the story is over and that Party died. But You wrote such a truly phenomenal Fanfic. I bet if MCR read this they would be so proud of you. Just like all of the MCRMY and Killjoys are. This story was amazing I loved it. Now i only hope your sequel can do the same justice to the fabulous Killjoys as this one did. Good luck and keep running. :)
7/25/2011 c8 10Ra MayKaizen
There are no words to describe the emotions you invoked with this final chapter. The goosebumps and chills have faded, and I did cry a little. This was so beautifully written, you worked up to it and did not fail to deliver such a striking end. and when I say striking, I mean like your-favorite-glass-figure-breaking-on-the-floor emotionally invoking sort of striking. I'm still reeling. This was so wonderfully done and I am so happy I could witness this. You have truly made something great.

Your fan

7/25/2011 c8 2Motorbaby
\o/ SQUEEEEEEE! \o/. Excitement! I can't wait for more! Let me know if ya need any help!
7/25/2011 c8 twentyonepilates
I cried.

No, like, literally, I cried.

This was so sad! But absolutely beautiful. Provided insight to the whole S/C/A/R/C/R/O/W and Drac thing. I feel so sorry for Party Poison. I mean, to not be able to talk? Damn.

Anyways, this was a truely epic story with a truely epic ending and I can't wait to here more from you.

Keep Running,

7/25/2011 c8 XxMissleKidxX
O.M.G. This chapter was just so amazing that it brought tears to my eyes the whole ride through. I congraduate to you on a fantastic, breath-taking story that has but a whole new light on how I saw the killjoys and their little world. And I can honestly say that this has been one of the best stories that I have ever read on FF and that I can't wait to read more on the killjoys in the up coming sequel:))

P.S: you don't know how excited I was when I read the part where you put Little Red in it, I absolutely can't wait to read where you take this story. Kept up the good work!:)
7/25/2011 c8 18Just Another Flygirl

..Just... Wow. I mean, WOW. This was definitely well worth the wait! It was such a descriptive chapter! "Sing" is my favourite song off the album. You have really done it justice!

And what an ending! I'm so sad that it's over and yet I simply cannot wait to see what you have planned next!

Fantastic writing as always!

And thank you so much for the fic mention! ^_^;

Keep Running indeed!
7/24/2011 c7 KilljoyRAWR
I cannot believe you managed to turn Na Na Na into an actual story! I can't wait to see what you do with Sing!
7/24/2011 c6 KilljoyRAWR
This chapter was so beautiful and poetic. You manage to capture what the essence of what MCR means to me in each poetic line you write! You are truly talented, write a book!
7/24/2011 c5 KilljoyRAWR
I love your depiction of Party Poison. I love all your depictions of the others in fact. You get them all on a level I've yet to see in any other fic. Congratulations!
7/24/2011 c4 KilljoyRAWR
Killer chapter. Just can't stop reading!
7/24/2011 c3 KilljoyRAWR
I must say that I was anxious to see how you'd write Kobra Kid

And confess that this chapter blew me away! Where do you get all these ideas from?
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