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for Five Times Someone Saved Party Poison

7/24/2011 c2 KilljoyRAWR
Simply amazing!
7/24/2011 c1 KilljoyRAWR
Wow this story is so good! The chapter is short but you manage to say so much! I'm glad someone recommended this to me :)
7/22/2011 c7 6terrablaze
Wow. Awesome chapter! So beautifully written, I'm glad I got to finally read it! I have a feeling the next is going to be amazing as well. I'm looking forward to it, and seeing all the killjoys. I will unfortunately be out of town for another week, so if I am a late reviewer again, forgive me! :)
7/10/2011 c7 1chaosbulldog
Wow, wow, wow! I loved it! I loved all the inclusions of the video for "Na Na Na" that you did. And while you did change a few small details, I felt like you still kept the feeling that the video has. So for that, bravo!

I'm waiting anxiously for the finale of your story. The way you write is always so engaging, and to hear you're doing a sequel, well, that just gets me excited all over again!

Oh, and for your friend's story to get posted on the Killjoys community here, I'll see what I can do. I know The Swim Chick has been away for a while and on occasion she does add stories. I'm not 100% sure how to add stories to the community, but I'll see what I can do. I haven't been around here as often as I like, so I haven't been seeing any Killjoy stories lately myself.

Hope that helps out! I can't wait to see how you used all the Killjoys that were submitted!
7/10/2011 c7 18Just Another Flygirl
My mobile net crashed through my first review so hopefully this will go through!

I am so happy that you have updated this fic! It's made my killjoy-filled weekend even more enjoyable!

I love how you have managed to turn the "Na Na Na" video into an action-packed and in depth plot! Great stuff!

And the mental images of Kobra training with the Zone 7 leader makes me smile too! Hee hee

I will be really sad when this fic comes to an end, but at the same time, I can't wait to see what will happen. I'm also really looking forward to seeing what you come up with in yore sequel!
7/9/2011 c7 Night
wow, this was incredible. You write very well, I can almost see these things happening, like it's right in front of me. Excellent work.
7/9/2011 c7 12screamersilent
This chapter is grweat. you kept along with NaNaNa so well. Omg I know you just updated but i cant wait for you to update again. :)
7/8/2011 c7 twentyonepilates
You, my friend, have some marvelous talent, you do.

First of all, the writing is practically flawless, and I couldn't find a single thing wrong with it even if I tried. Picture perfect. It's like you're some god of writing sent down from writer's heaven to enlighten us with your mad writing skills.

Secondly, how in hell did you manage to make a story out of Na Na Na? Of course, I understand the main plot line of the whole 2019 concept, even The Mad Gear and Missile Kid, but to take actually shots from the video and somehow incorporate it into a story that makes sense? Impossible. Na Na Na was nonsensical and kinda supposed to be, but... damn.

Can't wait for more! :D Very intense and addictive, but it has it's light and funny moments at well. I'm horrible at comedy... of any kind. But you nailed it. You should've seen my reaction when Party called Kobra a gigolo. =P I was like, "OMG, I'm not the only one that knows what that is! Or thinks that Kobra Kid looks like one..." =P Great job, can't wait for more, I worship you! Please teach me how to write!


7/8/2011 c7 10Ra MayKaizen
Oh my god. I am shaking and giddy and nervous all at the same time cos of this chapter. SO excited. Oh god but why does it have to end? xD Oh f*ck me. You're great. You're amazing. My day will be epic because I woke up with the alert this updated in my inbox. Oh my god. So f*cking excited for the rest you have no idea. I love you xD Keep up the great work!

Your fan

6/25/2011 c6 sariin
I got an idea for a KIlljoy. Everyone calls her Grandma, due to her age (she is 60), so that would be her nickname. She is like mother figure, always caring and comforting and helping with everyone's problems (she used to be psychologist). She often tells stories about the past, before Better Living Industies rule. She is small, about 156 cm, has grey hair, always in a bun, and likes to wear green.

Hope you like it :)
6/24/2011 c7 sariin
Wow! Your story is sooo beautiful. Not some random cheap fic, but sth deep and worth reading. And you made me cry a couple of times! ;p I am speachless... Keep going ^.^
6/15/2011 c6 6terrablaze
Wow. Some of those sentences you wrote...just wow. They wording was beautiful. I can tell your writing has really developed through only these six chapters, and I can't wait until you write the next one. I know it will be fantastic! Keep up the good work, and update soon!
6/14/2011 c6 12screamersilent
you jerk you made me cry during this one...and i NEVER cry! but wow this is damn good I think it's in my top five favorite stories if not number one. I know the ending will make me ball like a baby! good fucking job!
6/14/2011 c3 screamersilent
"PARTY HAS A SECRET STASH OF COFFEE?" made go from "AWWWW!" feeling like i want to cry to LMAO! XD haha This story is great! :)
6/13/2011 c6 1Rilakuma
I think I'm speechless.

I mean, I don't see how any fic could get better than this. I think every Killjoy and MCRmy member needs to read this.

It's so inspiring!

I love the way your write. Your writing style is so, so beautiful and honest and poetic.

My favorite lines: "Why do we learn to love what we can lose?"

And "Love and its fierce need to protect and defend."

And the entire part where I'm assuming Party's daughter/Bandit is talking to him.

Honestly. This is pure EXCELLENCE!

Please write a chapter fic. I'm excited to see your portrayal of an aftermath of SING!
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