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for Always a Slave

10/19/2019 c45 sana all
This novel is so perfect it was made about 9 years ago (I read this about 3 days),and I'm so glad I found this masterpiece here,I hope dear author will continue the novel someday.I can't wait to see Gabby and Alex's wedding(I hope it would be more elegant than Bella and Edward's..thank you dear author for publishing this inspiring novel(I actually got bullied in school like Gabby,but not up to the point that they would beat me to death.)this time I will stop being delicate and I'll start being someone strong as Gabby dear despite the family problem I'm facing this days..
5/9/2019 c45 SexySalvatore
12/24/2017 c1 thirstyfor-tae
This the freaking greatest
12/1/2017 c45 Catherine.E.Diaz
This fanfic was so awesome I loved it you're cool analaa xoxox
2/24/2017 c45 imagination l exploration
I will never stop reading the book
2/24/2017 c45 imagination l exploration
so cute
2/24/2017 c28 imagination l exploration
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the kiss happened
2/24/2017 c8 imagination l exploration
omg omg I knew this was gonna happen this is embarrassing for me and I'm fangirling again
2/24/2017 c7 imagination l exploration
omg this girl is ruthless
11/18/2016 c1 Guest
10/31/2015 c45 Guest
Amazing story! I'm going to re-read it now!
7/8/2015 c34 wickidzombie
Seriously cracked me up with the channing Tatum thing but great fanfiction love it
5/30/2015 c15 Guest
The characters are so two dimensional it frustrates me! Think about it, if someone is abused their entire life would they just have some self esteem issues? Even with a 2 years recovery period, she should be more mentally f**cked up than this, and i wouldn't be surprised if she is bi-polar, psychotic or have multiple personalities, especially if she has nightmares. And the vampires, if they are so old, they should be much wiser and not be so emotionally attatched to a potential threat, even if she seem pitiful. Your vampires are too tame, the antagonists are too unreasonable and immature that theY seem silly. I continued reading your fanfic because the concept of your story is interesting and could develop into something quite cool, but so far the way you write this story makes it so bland!
5/30/2015 c2 Guest
Umm...why is the main girl gabby beautiful? I was excited to finally read a story with an ugly character :(
4/5/2015 c1 1Strxssed.Cxm
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