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7/31/2011 c8 2iSayumix3
7/31/2011 c8 XxTearsIntheRainxX
I-I... wow. That was really good. I'm lost without anywords to shout out. i loved it.

I'm really glad you updtaed, I jumped up and down when Isaw you did, although I haven't reviewed yeat... I really do love this story :)

Keep up with the amazing work you have created!

I can't wait to
7/30/2011 c8 8Amplifyingly Loud
i was gonna cry. seriously. that was really sad! but also very pretty.

welcome back! i really like this story (remember, we became twins through this fic?). i'm glad you're continuing. i have to go hear that song (i love vocaloid!).

great chapter! it was beautiful!
7/30/2011 c8 4baesharam
OMG the last line of the whole story (not the author notes)

was like this VOCALOID SONG (O_o)

it went something like "Mama i finally found someone i love/like"

it was weird seeing what vocaloid can do LOL

and T_T it is a depressing chapter
7/30/2011 c8 DarkAngelSins
wow... the ending almost made me cry. You're such a depressing person blue-chan. Almost all of your stories are dark. UPDATE ASAP!
4/30/2011 c7 gelaato
Hmm... Is this FMA and a VK fic?

I think Amatsu is a little OOC considering Envy doesn't excactly scared of anyone...

Update. This is good.
3/23/2011 c7 Nayeli Zyanya
Awesome I can't wait to see if what we have come up with is close or not. Well can't wait for the next update!
3/22/2011 c7 ShamelesslyUsed
Please update soon! All your stories are so great! o_o'
3/11/2011 c7 8Amplifyingly Loud
my twin is NOT a failure! if anything, i'm a failure. i almost barely update. eh, i don't get reviews so i don't think it matters if i update or not.

why was shiki in her room?

great chapter!
3/11/2011 c7 sailor sirius
You're not a failure, I think you're doing an awesome job :)

Wow a ten year old boy commanding the rest of the gang... hmmm... he's either older than he looks or just someone of a higher rank...

Have I heard of Katsumi sensei in the last chapter? Can't remember :( Sora is cool as usual and more hints of warming to Shiki :)

Secrets, secrets... I am so excited! Can't wait for next chapter so plz update soon!
3/11/2011 c7 2Jehssicka
Omg I wish there was like a billion more chapters after this one! I love this sooo much! Whoot whoot for updating =) Can't wait my friend to read more! Sora is like thee best!
3/8/2011 c6 2iSayumix3
3/5/2011 c6 sailor sirius
Ooh i like the title...

Yes! We get a look into Sora's past and she may be slightly opening up to Shiki... awww poor Zero and Amatsu :(

Your story was great! Apart from a few spelling mistakes, your pace is going quite fine and the little episode at the end of this story was pretty funny :D I have noticed you haven't updated for a while so please do! I'd really like this story to continue :)
3/5/2011 c5 sailor sirius
Actually I like Sora better - she's mysterious but still freaky...

Wow awesome powers she's got :o

Awww... I still dunno what they are... oh well I better find out :)
3/5/2011 c4 sailor sirius
Wow... Sora girl you're the first girl to make Shiki flinch out of most fanfictions out there...

But I thought their goal was to kill Kaname and start a new life? Hmmm... I'll wait and see...

Your story is awesome so far good job :)
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