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6/24/2013 c5 sora
kaname is soooo lost
6/24/2013 c4 sora
this was good I like that sora is finely talking 4 ones
6/24/2013 c3 sora
sora should have said something
6/24/2013 c2 sora
yay go sora the has my name wow my names in a book
6/23/2013 c20 VampireKnight
After ending the last chapter I honestly have to say I was disappointed...because it didn't end! I am so sad I got to chapter 20, and its still not finished I am so sad. Sora is like the best person in the world, and I am so terribly sad that she's dying. :(. I Love the anime Vampire Knight, but were is Zero in all this. He is like my true love! Please, please continue the story I wanna see the war!
I Love You Kat, and I hope for several Vampire babies for you, and your husband!
6/22/2013 c1 10Yuka Hara
:3 Nice ending, it has a mysterious and sad tone to it. I wonder will Sora tell her love to Shiki.
5/13/2013 c19 Livlivxxxx
absolute awesomeness! Keep writing! I love this story!
5/11/2013 c3 Lexibabexx
Senri is the HOTTEST! Great story so far! Your an amazing writer!
4/6/2013 c19 Guest
actually i think they found a continuation for that Maya calendar, so it taks another two years or so for the world to end xD that aside, the romantic scene was readable, don't worry,
hope you continĂșe soon
kyoki no megami
3/1/2013 c19 rachel101448
Aw this was such a good chapter! It's so cool seeing them slowly come to terms with their more human side. Yay for Envy and Ichijou! I'm curious to find out more about the mystery man from Sora's memories. I think it's a past lover, but I'm deffinatly rooting for Shiki and Sora though. Please continue to write and update soon because this is truly a great story and you are a gifted writer. XOXO
2/28/2013 c13 rachel101448
So far I'm loving this story! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I love Sora, she's so cool!
1/13/2013 c19 3teddy meister
I hated the idiots who thought we were gonna die -.- anywhore


Backtoyourstory- I thought the scene was cute :'D it lifted the dark mood you set up in the previous chapters ever so slightly AND it didn't end all depressing-like. But then you leave another cliff-hanger.

I. See. How. It. Is.

Love your story as usual; good luck and update soon c:

P.S. I prefer PS3 ;3
1/11/2013 c19 Gwen
Takuma and Envy _ Awww!
I love your Story :D
What of Sora?
1/9/2013 c19 3misslaly19
Loved it :)
1/7/2013 c19 Legend0fLink
I love this story so much! And wonderful chapter btw. I can't believe this story doesn't have more reviews, it's sad. Don't worry though! ) A lot of great stories aren't as popular as they should be and this happens to be one of them. Can't wait for the next update! .
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